Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Investigators, members, and Tokyo Drift!

This week has been going great.

The Navarre family fed us this week and they are awesome. We were able to chat with them afterwards and they have done some pretty cool things. Sister Navarre has help in the making of a couple of movies, but I can't remember their names. They are big movie junkies...so we got along great.

On Tuesday we were able to teach (8 yr. old) Alex again. He is really doing awesome and involving the members has made those lessons a lot more spiritual. It was awesome how extreme he goes when the member friend teaches. (His name is Zander). For example we asked Zander to explain repentance to Alex. Here is the analogy he gave his friend. Repentance is like if I went and I cut off Elder Mitton's head...his mom interjected with how about you stole his shoe. It was super funny though and he did a great job at teaching repentance.

On Wednesday we met one of our potentials, he is awesome. His name is Alex (not the 8 yr. old Alex). We taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was so involved with what we were saying. We would teach him with power and he was just soaking in everything we said to him. The spirit was definitely present. When we talked about Baptism he told us that he and his family were talking about getting baptised the other day. Elder Mitton just said, "what a coincidence." When he said that, I was thinking about a quote, "It is your destiny." (Yes it's from Star Wars.) When we we were leaving we invited him to read 1 Nephi 11, which is on Lehi's Vision. He told us he would read it with his wife. Then he told us to come back tomorrow at the same time. When we got back to the apartment we did a spiritual victory dance!

On Thursday we had weekly planning.  My companion refers to it as Weekly Headache, (which I think is pretty funny). I am definitely really bad at planning, but I'm trying to make it better each week. We also were able to go teach Amrit again. She seems to be doing really good with the Book of Mormon and tells us that she is reading it. The only concern we have with her is that she is Seek and from what we can see, Seeks tend to believe just about everything. This is because they believe in these things called Guru's and they say that Jesus Christ was on of those Guru's. It is all very complicated.

We tried to stop by Alex's but he told us that his wife wasn't feeling very good because she is pregnant.  He told us to come back some other time. Pray for them they are super awesome.

Andreas is doing great. We are working on trying to start teaching his parents. It should help to get Andreas to church if we can start teaching his parents.

We also tried to get a hold of Ann Pasqua but she was very busy and had to cancel.

Ruben is having a tough time with reading the Book of Mormon, because he tells us that all of the names are confusing him. We have decided to try and write out a paper of who-is-who while he reads. Pray for him to be able to understand the message of the Book of Mormon as well as being able to feel the spirit. He also likes videos so if you have any videos we can show him that would help our teaching that would be awesome.

Lastly, we did a member inspire with Brother Dave Christiansen and his wife. We shared Faith in the work of Salvation. They then right off the bat told us about someone they are working on sharing the Gospel with. It was awesome. When members and missionaries work together there is nothing better and more spiritual when bringing in new converts. We are going to be following on their efforts soon. Plus, Brother Christiansen is going to help me get a pretty good Tokyo drift car in the future so that is a big bonus. VARROOOOM!

Well thanks for listening. Enjoy minute as member and be thankful that you are one.

Elder R.K. Northrup

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