Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Strange things are Happenen to us! Ain't no doubt about it!

Well we had a SMASHING week! Many things have happened and many in the favor of the work! Which is real good.

To start off we now have a new schedule designed for us to make our daily schedule more flexible as well as 2 more hours on Pday! Can I get a whoop whoop! Also we will only be reporting 4 indicators now instead of the orginial 9. It looks like that the ones that we report now are going to be the ones that truly help in the end and how we get those people into the church, as long as its through the Holy Ghost, no longer matters to the church. Which means we have more freedom to make choices in the work. This was all from the Missionary Broadcast this last week. (Insert Toy story song here, haha)

Also we have found a pretty awesome Russian guy! His name is Paul M. (M. because we didn't get his full last name) We have seen him in couple places this last week and have taught him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration! Then we saw and him again later and he pulled over from the street and told us that he read the pamphlet and we got his phone number. Hellen Keller Yeah! We are so excited to hopefully start working with him soon!

We were also able to teach Austin Brooks a small Restoration lesson and answer some of his questions. If you don't remember or I forgot to tell you he is the non-member that has been coming to seminary willie nillie! We are hoping to really start working with him and his family!

Other than that we worked hard, did some finding and some teaching, pounding the pavement, lifting weights and some other thangs! Well I love all of you! Keep doing the Lords work, because its the only work you will love completely!

Elder R.K. Northrup

(On a side note from MOM... This month the mission was able to attend the temple.  Elder Northrup went with three other zones.  Brother Devin Ramsey sent me some pictures of the missionaries in front of the temple and this message... "I saw your son today gave him a hug he's doing great. The missionaries I was with said that almost everyone wanted to be His companion because he's fun. He is definitely made a name for himself here." As for the pictures, were so many missionaries, it is hard to pick out faces. LUCKILY, Elder Northrup is always pulling something that makes him stand out from the crowd a bit, so I did find him.  Hopefully I will be getting some clearer pictures of this soon. About the temple he said,  "The Temple was great today, however, I don't think I will go to my last time through the temple before I go home because I would rather spend the time proselyting... we don't get to be missionaries forever.")

Notice CLEAR BLUE SKIES???  A Rare Miracle!

President Rasmussen can FLY!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Less Actives don't Stand a Chance

Well this week was pretty incredible! We were able to teach 6 less actives!

We have been working with a few of them right now. There names are the Jarvis's, Brother Treadwell, Brother Kilifi, and Sister La'a.

It was awesome to start building the friendships that we have with these people!

Brother Treadwell is super cool guy! He is half Filipino and half black! He is such a stud, he has been in the military for quite a while and is currently work for the officer program. Not exactly sure what his job is though.

Brother Kilifi is just a shy Samoan guy. Loves us coming to his house to bring the spirit. He is so solid! He is going to be an awesome asset to the ward once he gets completely active.

Sister La'a is on and off still not exactly sure what she is doing but she does have a calling is currently doing her best to fulfill it.

The Jarvis's are an interesting story we are currently trying to rekindle Brother Jarvis's testimony because he says he doesn't believe in the Gospel anymore. Please pray for that dude, he needs it!

Other than that we weren't able to teach any of our investigators and one ended up dropping which was ridiculous! But oh well.

I was also able to make a trip to the Dash Point ward on an exchange with Elder Hunter! He is an awesome missionary and friend! We were able to see a lot of the old members that I use to visit while I was there! All of them are still amazing, Love them tons!

Well, I love you all and you all have a great week!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Awesomely Lame Week

We are killing it here in Hylebos and when I say that I mean not at all.....at least not this week. 

We now have 10 investigators though thanks to the blessings of the Lord and have been trying to see them and set up appointments but no winners yet. There names are Sipu, Chase, Brennan, Cindy & Co., Jayveon, and Donna! Pray for all of them please!

This week we have been teaching a lot of members. We are doing this new stake mission plan implementation. President Keeney really wants our members in the stake to be more missionary minded!! It is a for step process....sadly I only remember the first one. Which is EXPECT we have been asking members what they think about when that word comes to mind. We have gotten so many different responses its pretty interesting! Then we have used D&C 100 and through the selected scriptures we have been able to challenge some of our members to seek and EXPECT missionary opportunities to come into there life and to act on them!
We did this with the Chubb's last night and they took very well. There daughter said that she wants to because there are people placed in our path everyday and it is our job to act on it! I was like Heck yeah it is! Love that family!

Well other than that we weren't able to do much teaching. However this coming week is going to be so savage! (Which means freakin' awesome if you didn't know) Well Love you all!!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Resurrection of Hylebos is Complete! (for now)

This has been a pretty bomb week! We haven't been able to really meet with our original investigators, but thats ok because Embers work schedule is ridiculous and the Carter's have a bed ridden Dad. We hope to see one of them this week though!

This week was our last week before transfers, which means we try to work a little hard so the area will be able to start off right the next transfer. 
Well the week was definitely pretty average, we did our tracting and our member inspiring, and a bunch of other missionary things. We also did an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Saydyk to Redondo. Elder Covington went to Hylebos with Elder Delp. 
My side of the exchange was super boring not only because nothing was happening but also because......sorry but Elder Saydyk is probably the most boring person that I have ever met! Anyways thanks for letting me get that out of the way. On the Hylebos side of things they had some great success and where able to find 3 new investigators! They found a family (don't know there last name yet), and two guys named Brennan and Jayvean! Pray for freaking all of them because this was what we have been praying and PATIENTLY waiting for!! 
Then when I got back, Elder Delp and I where able to find another new investigator.... he was invited by Sister Mietus to come to seminary and he has been coming! We stopped by his house and he is super willing to meet with us! We are so excited for this week and basically this transfer!
Hylebos is back in business baby!
We were also able to go teach the Angelo's for FHE. It was super good! We taught on Preparing for the Sacrament. It was a really good lesson, very powerful feeling of the Spirit. Anyways, we challenged the Angelo's to make more of there week a focus on preparing themselves for the Sacrament! I love the Sacrament it is probably my favorite thing! I know the power of the Atonement and the Sacrament are so important and can help you and heal you in your time of need! Use it! 

Funny quote of the week:
 "If I don't know what a word means then its probably not important!"
                                                           - Elder Northrup

Well I love all of you and make sure you are serving the Lord at all times! Be of good cheer!
Elder R.K. Northrup

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Holidays have come to an End for this ole' chap

My new haircut!  (Thanks to Sister Mietus!)

Well those are the last of the holidays for me as missionary. Pretty crazy!

I am excited to tell you all that I did not get fat this month! I was able to make with only minor casualties. Thank for anyone who prayed for me not too. I really appreciate it.

This week has been super good. I have lead my second to last district meeting of this transfer. It was great really learned some things from the other missionaries. I have decided to put a little more effort into the work so that when I go home I can have Heavenly Father tell me that he is please with the work I have done.

Now this week we have been able to teach the Carter's again. They are great I hope they will all accept the gospel and come to know the truths of the things we teach. We are going to be teaching them about the importance of the Book of Mormon and why the only way to come to an understanding of the truth is by reading it. I love that family and am really excited to continue working with them! 

Ember has been pretty difficult to catch this week because she is a very busy person. Please pray for her and that she will be available more often and can actually make it out to church. That is going to be the key for her. Pray for it!

Well we also got to eat with this awesome family! They were Polynesians and I finally got my Polynesian meal that I have been waiting for for my entire mission. It was glorious! I eat so much food! 

Well I love you all! Deuces!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Got a new polo for the future!

The Kivalu's and me!  This family is amazing!

Zone Conference Pictures

I was looking at the Washington Federal Way Mission blog and found these pictures.  For some reason, Elder Northrup stands out more than any of the others... HMMM!

Federal Way Zone (November 2016)

Auburn and Federal Way Zones