Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Investigators, members, and Tokyo Drift!

This week has been going great.

The Navarre family fed us this week and they are awesome. We were able to chat with them afterwards and they have done some pretty cool things. Sister Navarre has help in the making of a couple of movies, but I can't remember their names. They are big movie junkies...so we got along great.

On Tuesday we were able to teach (8 yr. old) Alex again. He is really doing awesome and involving the members has made those lessons a lot more spiritual. It was awesome how extreme he goes when the member friend teaches. (His name is Zander). For example we asked Zander to explain repentance to Alex. Here is the analogy he gave his friend. Repentance is like if I went and I cut off Elder Mitton's head...his mom interjected with how about you stole his shoe. It was super funny though and he did a great job at teaching repentance.

On Wednesday we met one of our potentials, he is awesome. His name is Alex (not the 8 yr. old Alex). We taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was so involved with what we were saying. We would teach him with power and he was just soaking in everything we said to him. The spirit was definitely present. When we talked about Baptism he told us that he and his family were talking about getting baptised the other day. Elder Mitton just said, "what a coincidence." When he said that, I was thinking about a quote, "It is your destiny." (Yes it's from Star Wars.) When we we were leaving we invited him to read 1 Nephi 11, which is on Lehi's Vision. He told us he would read it with his wife. Then he told us to come back tomorrow at the same time. When we got back to the apartment we did a spiritual victory dance!

On Thursday we had weekly planning.  My companion refers to it as Weekly Headache, (which I think is pretty funny). I am definitely really bad at planning, but I'm trying to make it better each week. We also were able to go teach Amrit again. She seems to be doing really good with the Book of Mormon and tells us that she is reading it. The only concern we have with her is that she is Seek and from what we can see, Seeks tend to believe just about everything. This is because they believe in these things called Guru's and they say that Jesus Christ was on of those Guru's. It is all very complicated.

We tried to stop by Alex's but he told us that his wife wasn't feeling very good because she is pregnant.  He told us to come back some other time. Pray for them they are super awesome.

Andreas is doing great. We are working on trying to start teaching his parents. It should help to get Andreas to church if we can start teaching his parents.

We also tried to get a hold of Ann Pasqua but she was very busy and had to cancel.

Ruben is having a tough time with reading the Book of Mormon, because he tells us that all of the names are confusing him. We have decided to try and write out a paper of who-is-who while he reads. Pray for him to be able to understand the message of the Book of Mormon as well as being able to feel the spirit. He also likes videos so if you have any videos we can show him that would help our teaching that would be awesome.

Lastly, we did a member inspire with Brother Dave Christiansen and his wife. We shared Faith in the work of Salvation. They then right off the bat told us about someone they are working on sharing the Gospel with. It was awesome. When members and missionaries work together there is nothing better and more spiritual when bringing in new converts. We are going to be following on their efforts soon. Plus, Brother Christiansen is going to help me get a pretty good Tokyo drift car in the future so that is a big bonus. VARROOOOM!

Well thanks for listening. Enjoy minute as member and be thankful that you are one.

Elder R.K. Northrup

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nervousness of Steel

This week has been really great. Nothing real amazing happened until we got the call. Which always seems to happen when I am in the bathroom. We got a call from our President... President Eaton. My only thought was a dread filled "OH NO!" That was when my worst fears were realized. Elder Mitton explained to me that we would be going on splits with President on Thursday. I started thinking of all the things we could do NOT to go on splits with him. I could pretend to be sick or we could schedule an exchange with our District Leader. I could get an Emergency transfer, etc. Finally at the end of that night I just prayed to our Father in Heaven that I wouldn't totally fail during this split. I was much more calm after I said that prayer.

Thursday came around and we had miracle appointments get set up. We were able to teach Rueben and Alex. When President arrived we got in the car with him and drove to Rueben's house. However Rueben was nowhere in sight. We knocked on his door and this lady answered and we talked to her. President Eaton then flipped out his tablet and shared a video with this lady. We then asked what questions she had from watching the video. She paused for a moment and then asked, "Does God really forgive us of our sins?" We then told her we could teach her more and went in and taught her a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an incredible experience and we have a return appointment with her this week. Her name is Ann.

President was then able to meet Rueben for a few minutes before we left his house. 

We went to the Harris's so we could start teaching Alex. On the way there and we told President that it was going to be very noisy because of the chaotic kids there. That's when president taught about giving the kids of the members an assignment to teach and help the investigator learn. When we did that we were able to teach with a lot less distraction and that was a better spirit present. It was brilliant. 

I learned a ton with President that day.

Then we went on exchanges the next day with our District Leader. I went with Elder Christiansen and Elder William went with Elder Mitton. Elder Christiansen and I were up in the Renton Highlands ward. We had an awesome experience with this guy who told us at first that if we knocked on his door he wouldn't reject us, but at the same time he didn't want any message about the Gospel. Then a few minutes later he started pouring out his heart that he wanted to change, that he wanted more faith in Jesus Christ. Elder Christiansen and I looked at each other and told him we could help him with that. We set up a time then and there to meet with him. I have a strong faith that he is going to get baptized. His name is Cory, I believe.

Then on Sunday it was my birthday! Which I totally forgot about for most of the day. However, I was surprised to see that my favorite dinner had been made at the member's home that was feeding us. The weird slash funny thing was there were just a bunch older than me people there congratulating me. It was great! Then we ate food and the whole time they talked about people dying and how many pills they have to take each day. Which I just laughed about afterward. I love you Grandparents. I also love you mom and the rest of the family.

Well that was my week. Have a great one.

Elder R.K. Northrup

Me with Elder Christiansen

Elder Mitton and Elder Christiansen

Monday, May 16, 2016

New members and missionary work

Renton Zone
This week has been pretty awesome. We did a ton of service this week... about 10 hours of it to be exact. We helped Rueben with his backyard, which is always fun (especially because we get to wear street clothes). Then we did service for this UK lady who is super Waxy. I just wish she would just let us teach her! That would be awesome. I guess sometimes you just have to wait until they're ready to listen.

On Friday we had our last Zone Conference with President Eaton and Sister Eaton. I will miss them when they leave in July. However, I think President Rasmussen will do a great job when he gets out here. It will be interesting a new style of missionary work. This Zone Conference was on teaching repentance that will help our investigators change before baptism and continue to change after baptism. It was really awesome. It felt that as we were going about doing role-plays that I couldn't say anything wrong as the Holy Ghost wrapped baptism in everything that I said.  It was really incredible. I still miss the Federal Way zone and all those great people, but I know God needs me here so I need to work smart and help this ward go forward in the work of salvation. I have really made more of an emphasis on repentance because of that training. It has really made a difference in my teaching skills.

...Oh and I think I saw one of my old seminary teachers while I was at the Kent stake Center....It was either that or her twin sister!

Saturday we had Norene's baptism. It was awesome!  We had 6 missionaries in attendance. 5 of which actually taught Norene. We had Elder Jones, Elder Mitton, Elder Allen, Elder Cook, and Me who had taught Norene. It was so awesome to see her make those choice steps on her own to come closer to Christ. We had President Burningham baptize her. Bishop Oliver welcomed her into the ward and then we had some juice. There was a good amount of people at the baptism, which is good so that we can see the potential of her staying in the Church her entire life. Another cool thing is Rueben attended the Baptism also!

Later that night we taught Rueben. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That was an extremely powerful lesson. It felt like the Holy Ghost was guiding us in our words, popping scriptures, and bearing testimony with power. We taught the whole lesson along side Brother Limb, who is also a great teacher. He also has a strong testimony. Elder Mitton and I both feel he is coming along great and should be ready for baptism next month. He is just such a great guy and he makes Elder Mitton and I both laugh.

On Sunday we confirmed Norene a member of the church, however, she kinda freaked us out because she was 25 minutes late to church. Elder Mitton, Brother Ramsey, Bishop Oliver, and I were all in the circle. The cool thing was that Norene had chosen me to confirm her a member of the church. I was honored to be the one to do that. I was also very nervous about it until I started giving the actual blessing and then all worry left me. That is another sign that the church is true.

Then we were also able to find two more new investigator which I am really excited about! Their names are Amrit and Bro. Thorp.

The Church is flippin' true!

Elder R.K. Northrup
how we email on pday....that's right with style

The Baptism of Norene Grant. Left to right: Elder Mitton, Elder Allen, Elder Jones, Norene, President Burningham, Elder Cook, and yours truly, Elder Northrup

Monday, May 9, 2016

An Exceedingly Waxy Week

Well I met my new companion this week. He is a Crispy Bisket. Which is this new compliment that I have started giving people. Elder Mitton is an awesome Elder. He is from Lindon, Utah. He is a slightly above middle class High school social life student. He is a quick learner and doesn't sweat the small things which is totally my type of friend.

Well, this week has been awesome we have 3 people commited for baptism and they're names are Norene, Ruben, and Alex. They are all super Crispy Bisket.

Norene will be getting baptized on the 14th and we are all super excited. The awesome thing is her mom was just recently baptized as well. Elder Mitton and I have been teaching her last few lesson before her baptism. She is so golden, I can't wait to see the happiness she will feel after she is baptized. 

Ruben is from the Philippines. He is super awesome. In fact we sometimes go and do service for him in his backyard and it makes me feel like I am in the Philippines. Anyways Ruben is amazing. We're teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ right now. He has also taught us about this water called "Kangen" Water. Which is a super purified water. Now every time we go to his house he has us take some of this Kangen water. Plus, we have started calling the water Jordan's Secret Stuff (watch Space Jam and you'll understand). We will be heading back over to his house on Thursday to do more service for him.

Alex is an 8-year-old kid that has chosen to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Which is cool since none of his family members are members of the Church. He seems pretty excited to be baptized from what I can see.  

Here are some members that I have met this week. The Ramsey's.  They are pretty cool! They are in the "Sign making" business and they also do some bug exterminations sometimes. The Silvan's have an edible backyard. Almost every plant that he has in his backyard is edible and has an actual flavor in some way. My new favorite plant is called stevia. It tastes like sugar. The last member I have met is Bishop Oliver and he is pretty cool even though I still don't know much about him.

Well, I love all of you and keep being members in the church because you are all important. Stay Waxy. 

Elder R.K. Northrup

Elder Mitton exceedingly astonished.
"I saw a pillar of light..."
A missionary in his natural habitat waiting on any prey who walks by.  Waiting for the opportune moment to stretch forth a Book of Mormon!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Skyping 2016

These pictures were taken of Elder Mitton and Elder Northrup by Brother Ramsey and sent to me (as well as those of Reggie live and us in the TV.)  Awesome to have amazing members to be so kind!  

Elders Northrup and Mitton in front of the rhododendron bushes. 
(These are the Washington state flower!)

And for the moment we all had been waiting for.... Skyping with Elder R.K. Northrup!  We set up skype on the family room TV so that we could comfortably sit and chat with Reggie. How fun it was to see him, hear him and watch his mannerisms. He has definitely grown closer to Heavenly Father.  His testimony has soared.  He loves the scriptures and can't wait to get out and tell everyone he can about them.  He knows we are nothing without the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Along with all that, he is still hilarious.  He has a great sense of humor and crazy dance moves.  He made up a dance that he does just before he knocks on the doors he is tracting called the "pre-victory dance".  It is crazy that he has already been out 11 months.  We are nearly to HUMP DAY!  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You have received the "Garrison" Creek bonus...

Last picture with my Federal Way Zone before transferring to Renton Zone.

Well we blew the week out of the water for the Korean Branch. It was amazing how blessed our efforts have been. We almost accomplished all of our goals for the week. Here are what I believe to be the highlights.

We have been working with Cho Sung Bin this week. We had a lesson with him earlier this week where we shared some scriptures of the blessings he will receive as he strives to endure to the end. He is going through some hard times, but he is staying positive and looking towards Jesus. Which is just awesome. As we were about to leave Elder Jeong stopped and offered him a prayer and Cho Sung Bin told us that he felt the spirit afterward. He then asked us if he could get something like a picture that had Jesus on it. I decided to give him the little Christus statue the I had received. When we gave it to him he was so happy and turned and told us he was exceedingly grateful. This made me happy. I hope he gets baptized soon.

We also went on my last exchange in this Zone... at least for a bit. I headed off to be in Dash Point with Elder Moon. That was an amazing exchange. Ricardo should be getting the Melchizedek priesthood at some point this year. He is also blessing the sacrament now. I am so happy for him. We then visited the Bishop and we talked about how the work has been improving in this area. He told us that back when I was with Elder Polson, he and I where laying the ground work for the miracles that have started happening now that Elder Jolley and Elder Moon are serving there. The members are really starting to become amazing missionaries. I am so happy for them. 

Well now for the moment you have all been waiting for..............I am getting transferred to a new stake. I will be serving in the Garrison Creek Ward in the Renton stake. My new companion will be Elder Mitton. I am very sad that I will be leaving the Federal Way Zone and all of the friends I have made here.

Well, I love this Gospel and hope to become a better servant each day. Love you all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

My District in Federal Way