Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As Sllllooooowwwww as a turtle.

I'll be Back!

This week has been a continuation of nothing happening. It really is pretty lame. On the bright side we were able to get a couple potentials on the night of the blood red moon. Which totally looked like Korriban from star wars. Two of the potentials seem really solid and they committed to watching some of General Conference. 

One of the potentials was kinda funny just because it was during the night. We saw a lady outside talking on the phone and as we start walking towards her.  She starts running for the garage. However we were able to talk to that lady's husband. He was pretty interested. As we were talking to him his wife came back out and apologized for running away from us. She thought we were going to pull a gun on her or something because we were wearing all black and stuff. We luckily dodged that bullet.  

Then we continued walking and found this shrine to someone who was murdered on a certain street and was the biggest false idol I have ever seen. Yeah it's sad the guy got murdered but why do you need this shrine to worship him (face-palm). Washington people are crazy.
On Sunday we got transfer calls. I am leaving the area, while Elder Clauson is staying in Orting as District Leader. Plus, he is training again. He not too happy with that because training people, he says is one of the most challenging things to do.
Anyways I am leaving to Federal Way, Dash Point ward. The amazing thing is my compainion was in our District just last transfer and now I am his companion. His name is Elder Polson and he is from Kaysville Utah. I am super excited to go and serve in that area with him.
On Monday I went around to all of my favorite members in Orting and got pictures with them. They are all super awesome. I definitely hope to see them all again some day.
Well sorry there wasn't much to say this week, but remember the church is true and nothing has ever been able to withstand the restoration of the gospel, when the spirit is present. Now go and follow Him.
Elder R.K. Northrup

 Sister Jones and the Elders
 Me with the Dickson Family
 The Melots and Me
 The Pines... Some of my Favorite.  Their Slogan, "It's never boring at the Pines!"
 The Rays
Me and the Woods

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Feelin' the Love

We received a hand written letter this week from Elder Northrup.  Here are a few parts from it.

(Talking about Liam almost impaling himself through the chest when helping me put flags up for Labor Day, Reggie said...)  Tell Liam that his new theme song is "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger!"

I am doing super good out here.  I just wish there were more people that lived in Orting so wouldn't feel like we have been through every neighborhood more than twice.  However, I am still happy because I didn't expect it to be easy.  I hope that those planted seeds will eventually be ready to hear the message of the gospel and it's restoration.

Karter, how was the Sadie's dance?  What did you do?  Did you have loads of fun?  How is ultimate?  Stay humber while you play and don't ever become like Timpview's team.  Write letters.  Karter, tell me what's going on in school, sports, everything.  I LOVE YOU, KARTER!

Liam what new things have you discovered?  Are you doing anything cool right now?  Are you going to be playing basketball? Tell me what's happenen?  I LOVE YOU, LIAM!  Guess what Liam??  I am only going to miss your birthday one time on my mission, pretty awesome, RIGHT?

Gabi well what is going on with you?  Have you been liking school?  What is your favorite class?  Have you joined any clubs or anything?  I LOVE YOU!

Gretchen how has your week been?  What did you do for your birthday?  Are you enjoying school?  Keep being awesome!  I LOVE YOU!

I LOVE YOU, MOM & DAD... and remember 2 Timothy 4:7 is an awesome scripture.

What we have been up to while you are away!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weed...weed everywhere‏

Well this week has still been pretty much the same as last week in the point that we still haven't found anyone to teach. So we have been making our focus on less-actives and part member families and this guy who has seriously lost his way.

Well Washington this week has smelled terrible. The smell we have smelt like everyday this week has been the smell of weed, I cannot believe that anyone would want to smell that way. It smells like a dumpster with skunk spray in it. RIDICULOUS!

However this week has been also tough because I had to be the Senior Companion for the week which totally stunk (no pun intended) because I am a terrible Senior Companion. I tried so hard to plan people to visit and where to contact but I would only end up having like three people on my planner that we should visit. This was pretty much the case until the last day where I was prompted strongly around 6:00 Saturday evening that we need to get our butts over to a development called Carbon River Landing. Obviously we furiously sped our way over there and we went to a less active house. The less actives name is Starr, she has been wanting to come back to church for a long time and we had the most spiritual lesson with her as we read Alma 7 (which is one of my favorite chapters). We had her pray at the end and that pray was extremely heart felt. She asked our heavenly Father to help her get to church in the morning if she felt well enough to do it. Then she also asked him for his help to help her stop smoking. I just kept wanting to give her a hug, but knew I couldn't. She is awesome please pray for her, to help her recover from the surgeries she is going through.

Now for Sean, we went and visited him after Starr and the Melots (we were going to give them an object lesson because they are a part member family, but they had friends over). Now when we got to Sean's house we found out that he wasn't feeling well, he had Bronchitis, and was coughing up blood. He then ask us to give him a blessing, so we quickly drove to our apartment to grab some oil. We got back and he asked me to anoint and Elder Clauson to voice. I love anointing because it makes me feel good that people see me as a being with a lot of faith in Heavenly Father. Anyways we quickly gave him the blessing and he looked up at us and said he had a feeling he would be loads better in the morning. We knew what he had just said was true.
The next day, Sunday, We went to a Mission Devotional. The spirit at those Devotionals are just amazing. I recommend going to one if you can. At the closing remarks President Eaton stood up and said to us that when he was putting together the video clips he was hesitant on one of them because of how long it was. He told us that the spirit told him to do it anyway because someone in the room would be touched by it. He just had know idea who it would be. I am pretty sure he is going to be a General Authority at some point and that is why.
Funny things that happened this week:
A lady gave us money, after we did service for her, to get lunch:
We finally excepted and took the money. 
As we where walking away she yelled to us to have a nice lunch! 
Elder Clauson replied to her with..."you too" um "If you ever eat some day"
(HAHA Brian Reagan situations)
Elder R. K. Northrup

Mmmm, yummy toast.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Service with a Smile :)


This week for teaching people has been an all time low. Orting is just such a small city and almost everybody has rejected us, telling us to question our faith, or has they say that "they have done their homework and know its not true." People are just starting to turn into a bunch of Korihors.

We found this recently moved in Less Active lady. Elder Johnson and I, chatted with her and part of her family. She offered us this sparkling water that had green tea extract in it. She also made the comment that it tasted even better with Vodka in it. We just looked at her and said actually it wouldn't. She told us that that was because we had never tried it before. Elder Johnson just replied with, "Wickedness never was happiness." She just shoved that comment aside like it didn't matter. Hopefully she will want to start changing in the near future. Her name is Channa, pray for her to realize her mistakes and start coming back to church.

One day we were out contacting and I saw this family so I went up to them and started talking to them, the father started telling us that he  had just gotten the impression to tell us this...."You two are very young and need to start questioning and asking if what you are being taught is true, because you guys are going down a dark path."  I looked at him with the face of you can't be serious! I thought to myself that if we didn't believe what we are sharing was true what makes him think we would actually be out here right now talking to him. Why would we waste money on something that isn't true. Then we invited him on the spot to read the book of mormon and pray about it, because we weren't getting anywhere with that guy.

This week was also the Orting day of Service. The Spanaway Elders and the Firgrove Elders came over and did service with us. It was a blast. We shoveled and moved rocks at the Washington Soldiers home. While we were there we tried to get some potential investigators but everyone just waved us off.  Except for maybe to people. They are twins. I can't remember their names but please pray for them.

Anyways that was this week. I love the gospel and wish everyone would accept its awesome teachings so that they can receive the blessings that come from it. I appreciate all of the prayers, that everyone is giving. I know they will eventually help us Elders. I love you all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

P.S. this week for some P-day fun we went golfing with some members. I scored a 43 out of 9 holes (most of them where par 3).

 Golfing, YES!
 Golfing with Brother Peck
"Awesome Putt" pose

Orting day of Service picture: (from back to front, left to right) back: Elder Sanders, Elder Anderton, Elder Clauson (far right), front: Elder Nelson, Elder Northrup, and Elder Johnson.

Me and Elder Johnson shoveling and raking rocks.

I asked Reggie if there was anything else he wanted me to send before I get off the computer.  His answer was "happyiness!"
So... sending my boy happyiness! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Follow the Prompting, Follow the Prompting...‏

Lightsaber flashlight!

This week has been incredible. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Clauson went to Spanaway with Elder Johnson, while Elder Anderton came to Orting with me. Our whole day was awesome because of how directing the spirit was. That day Elder Anderton and I found 9 potentials. Two of them were houses we were inspired to knock. We were riding our bikes and Elder Anderton look towards a house and saw the word "Family." We just decided to go knock that house. A girl named Kristina opened the door and we did what any missionary would do and that is we asked why families are so important to her. She said because they make her happy. We then smiled at her and said "well would you like to know how they can live together forever?" She looked at us and said "Of course, but I would like my whole family here when you guys share your message."  After we left, Elder Anderton and I were so happy we were giving each other high fives because we were able to follow that prompting and saw the fruit that came out of it.
We then kept biking along and we past by this house that I felt and urge to go towards but I ignored it the first time. When we got to a four-way stop I felt despicable and told Elder Anderton we needed to go back and knock that house. We went back and girl named Mya opened the door and again we talked to her and she told us that her mom might want to listen to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to try and stop by at any time. A few more high fives later we started heading back to apartment for bed time.

Something funny that happened this week was something that happened with the Firgrove Elders. They were at their Bishops house having dinner and the Bishop asked Elder Nelson (who is from Alberta, Canada) where he was thinking about going to school. Elder Nelson said that he kinda wished that there was a BYU school where he lived. Their Bishop looked at them and said "You mean BYUA." Which is super funny if you know Canadians.

That's pretty much it for this week. You all have a righteous week now guys.

Elder R.K. Northrup

 A great shot of Mt. Rainier
Our beds, mine is obvious.  (The white one... only one sheet, less to have to make.)  Put the top sheet in the pillow case and walah... all made!