Monday, February 27, 2017

WEEK ONE: Complete Success

My new companion is E. Rudd, and he is a Stud! 

This week has been totally nuts! So many lame things have happened this week.

Day one of getting in the area... I went to use the apartment bathroom and after I flushed, the water didn't go down!   Instead it wanted to come up and spilled all over the floor of the bathroom.  It went everywhere. E. Rudd and I tried to see what the problem was by lifting off the top of the toilet, but nothing seemed wrong.  Right then E. Rudd slipped and accidentally pushed the flusher again and so the floor was swimming in nasty water.  We threw towels down left and right! Gross!  We luckily got it fixed the next day so we are all good!

Then I lost my scriptures which, was just perfect! Considering that the Zones focus was Optimism, I'm going to be honest, that was pretty tough. Then later that day I lost my planner! What the crap! That was a great start to the week in my last area.

On the positive side of things we found my scriptures (in the bishop's office) and we know where my planner is! 

We also got to teach a couple lessons. We taught this dude name Taren. He is solid, but we are probs going to pass him off to the YSA Elders soon. Well are also teaching this family that these members just brought to us! So good! Their names are Tim and Laura. They are so prepared. In fact, we taught them we taught 4 lessons in one night! Pretty powerful and they both accepted Baptismal dates, so Hellen Keller yeah!

Well that was pretty much the highlights of the week! Love you guys!

Elder R.K. Northrup

The Locke Family from Hylebos!

Elder Rudd and Me! (Flooded bathroom, bare feet, ick!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shasta Anyone

I forgot to post this video of Elder Northrup having a Shasta crash.  
(Elder Delp is quite the videographer!)  This is pretty fun! 
(I believe this was from January 2017.)

WHYYYYYYY? (Because the Lord needs you elsewhere!)

Well sadly I have to say that I am getting transferred......which caused the phone to grow wings and fly across the hallway!  Now I head off to my least favorite zone in the mission! Graham. On the bright side we are going to be on bikes again so I can get my thunder thighs back, which will be great for Ultimate Frisbee in the future. The other upside is I am going to be with Elder Rudd, who just happens to be Elder Delp's MTC companion. (Apparently he is totally cool!)  We will be serving in the Firgrove Ward in Puyallup, Washington.

Anyways for some updates of the week! We just found the greatest investigator to ever live! Her name is Clarissa Vietzke! She is fire!  We found her on Valentine's Day and have been working with her this entire week. She was super devastated when we told her that I, Elder Northrup, would be leaving to a new area. On the bright side, I believe she is going to get baptized and I will be able to go to that! 

I also got to go see all of the members one last time before I left. It was a really good blast. Not to pat myself on the back or nothing, but they seemed pretty sad to see me go. I am glad that they enjoyed me being in Hylebos... I loved being here too. I got pictures with all of them. My favorite stops were the Angelo's, the Barton's, and Brother Schilling, the Mietus's, as well as the Odom's. Love all of those guys a ton.

Brother Odom told me how greatful he was of Elder Delp and I's efforts in the ward to find and teach. We definitely were able to bring some Less Actives back. 

Brother Angelo left me with a thought that will be on my mind the rest of my mission. He said that when the missionaries found him,  they were about as far into their missions as I am and told me that I could be the person to find one more for God's Kingdom in this new area.  I really hope so!  I am excited to put it into action. It will be fun to find someone else with my last remaining area! I will be praying and working hard for it, then all I need to do is expect it to happen! 

Well that's all for this week! I love you all!

Elder R.K. Northrup

The Newcombes

Brother Treadwell

The Chubb's

The Hunsaker's

The Perry's

The Prices

The Mietus'

Brother Irby

The Furnier's

The Odom's

The Angelo's

My Federal Way District

My Federal Way District
Sisters from left to right: Sis. Zavala, Sis. Beazer, Sis. Thurman, Sis. Efnor
Elders from left to right: E. Hunter, E. Dufffin, E. Northrup, E. Delp

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Never-homes

This week has been slow going.  We have really been trying to see our potentials, but we have finally put them under the category called the "Never-homes." Which stinks because they totally need the gospel and we are just right outside their door! 

A lot of people didn't seem to be home this week....oh well they well be home next week!

We also had exchanges with the Dash Point Elders. I went with Elder Duffin this time to Dash Point. I prayed to know if that was the right action because Elder Duffin has struggled with the work. The prayer was kinda to know if he had what it takes to be a missionary. Well he did amazing!  He has really been coming along well. We worked in their area and saw one of their recent converts. His name is Dave K. (because I don't know how to spell his last name). He is a super cool guy, really awesome member. He married Cassie Fields who is member and she is super awesome. Together they make a super awesome duo. 
Later we went to see the Webster's and they were still the same as I had left them. Brother Webster gave me all the updates on Golf, haha. Which was awesome.  It was so good see both of them.

The next day we went to a Zone Conference and Elder Arden (I think that was his name) from New Zealand came and spoke to us. He is a straight savage! He taught us about the missionary triangle. One corner of the triangle are the members who job it is to Find & Fellowship.  The full-time missionary corner is to Teach & Testify, and the last corner is Heavenly Father who will Cleanse & Covenant. It was so awesome!  The spirit was so strong in the room. Such an incredible feeling!

Then Sunday came around and that's always a good day.  I feel so ready and refreshed for the rest of the week. I love the sacrament!

Sadly the teaching side of missionary work has been pretty minuscule, but we are looking forward to this coming week!

Well I love all of you and better have a great week!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Top to bottom:  Elder Jolley, Elder Pinkney, Elder Sirrine, then me, Elder Minor, Elder Cardin, Elder Delp & Elder Jang.

This town ain't big enough for the two of us...
I customized this hat the other day, pretty Savage if I do say so my self
The Temple and a weird anomaly that some people refer to as the SUN?!

The snooooooooooowwwwww does exist here!