Monday, May 16, 2016

New members and missionary work

Renton Zone
This week has been pretty awesome. We did a ton of service this week... about 10 hours of it to be exact. We helped Rueben with his backyard, which is always fun (especially because we get to wear street clothes). Then we did service for this UK lady who is super Waxy. I just wish she would just let us teach her! That would be awesome. I guess sometimes you just have to wait until they're ready to listen.

On Friday we had our last Zone Conference with President Eaton and Sister Eaton. I will miss them when they leave in July. However, I think President Rasmussen will do a great job when he gets out here. It will be interesting a new style of missionary work. This Zone Conference was on teaching repentance that will help our investigators change before baptism and continue to change after baptism. It was really awesome. It felt that as we were going about doing role-plays that I couldn't say anything wrong as the Holy Ghost wrapped baptism in everything that I said.  It was really incredible. I still miss the Federal Way zone and all those great people, but I know God needs me here so I need to work smart and help this ward go forward in the work of salvation. I have really made more of an emphasis on repentance because of that training. It has really made a difference in my teaching skills.

...Oh and I think I saw one of my old seminary teachers while I was at the Kent stake Center....It was either that or her twin sister!

Saturday we had Norene's baptism. It was awesome!  We had 6 missionaries in attendance. 5 of which actually taught Norene. We had Elder Jones, Elder Mitton, Elder Allen, Elder Cook, and Me who had taught Norene. It was so awesome to see her make those choice steps on her own to come closer to Christ. We had President Burningham baptize her. Bishop Oliver welcomed her into the ward and then we had some juice. There was a good amount of people at the baptism, which is good so that we can see the potential of her staying in the Church her entire life. Another cool thing is Rueben attended the Baptism also!

Later that night we taught Rueben. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That was an extremely powerful lesson. It felt like the Holy Ghost was guiding us in our words, popping scriptures, and bearing testimony with power. We taught the whole lesson along side Brother Limb, who is also a great teacher. He also has a strong testimony. Elder Mitton and I both feel he is coming along great and should be ready for baptism next month. He is just such a great guy and he makes Elder Mitton and I both laugh.

On Sunday we confirmed Norene a member of the church, however, she kinda freaked us out because she was 25 minutes late to church. Elder Mitton, Brother Ramsey, Bishop Oliver, and I were all in the circle. The cool thing was that Norene had chosen me to confirm her a member of the church. I was honored to be the one to do that. I was also very nervous about it until I started giving the actual blessing and then all worry left me. That is another sign that the church is true.

Then we were also able to find two more new investigator which I am really excited about! Their names are Amrit and Bro. Thorp.

The Church is flippin' true!

Elder R.K. Northrup
how we email on pday....that's right with style

The Baptism of Norene Grant. Left to right: Elder Mitton, Elder Allen, Elder Jones, Norene, President Burningham, Elder Cook, and yours truly, Elder Northrup

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