Monday, June 6, 2016

Nacho Libre Victory Dance!

Well this week has been filled with service and it was awesome not having to wear proselyting gear! We probably accumulated about 20 service hours. I totally loved it.

Much of our week was spent doing service. However we are trying to formulate a plan to maybe start teaching one of the people we are doing service for. He is a pretty good guy and I really like listening to the stories has to tell. His name is Chris, pray that we will know how to bring up the gospel to him.

We were also able to get a non-member to our potluck this week. Her name is Lupy and she said that it was great. She was also invited to a Relief Society activity that is happening this week. Which is great!  She is a really nice lady and we are hoping to start teaching her about the Restoration. Probably some time today.

We were also able to contact one of our potentials named Isidro. He is Hispanic and had no problem inviting us in to his home. We were able to teach him about the Restoration and he seemed to really understand it. I hope he will read the book of Mormon.  He is such a nice guy. 

We taught Ruben on Saturday and we taught him about growing his faith like unto a seed and he was really getting it.  We had our ward mission leader there along with Brother Ed. They are both pretty great. We think Ruben really understands the reason that we want him to read the Book of Mormon. The other cool thing was that he brought his friend Tess to the lesson as well. Which we are really excited about because we might be able to bring two people to the waters of Baptism!

On Sunday, we got to see Bishop Oliver for the first time after his vacation. He told us that when he went to church over on the east side of the states they went to a stake conference and he was lucky enough to meet Elder Rasband of the Qurom of the twelve Apostles. Which is totally cool! 

Then we were able to catch Alex (the older). He talked about how he has been really busy with his business that he is working, but on the upside he has been reading the Book of Mormon with his wife still. Nacho Libre victory dance! We will be stopping by his house on Wednesday to see if we can teach him about the Plan of Salvation. 

As we were walking back to our apartment...I had the feeling we should knock on our neighbor's door and talk to him. His name is Joseph Newbill. He is awesome...he told us about how much trust he has in God and some experiences of the blessings he has received because of that trust. He invited us in right away and let us teach him about the Restoration of God's church. The spirit in the room was amazing, very indescribable. He then gave us some of his insight which was actually really cool. He told us that he was very amazed at what we are doing at such a young age. Then he thanked us for it. We then invited him to read the Book of Mormon and he accepted. I really think he will, because he is a pretty big reader. Round two of Nacho Libre Victory Dance!

Well you all have good-day and stay positive and trust in God!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Left to Right: Elder Williams, Elder Mitton, Elder (Me), Elder Christiansen,
Sister McClain, Sister Livingstone, Sister Knowles, and Elder Knowles

Golfing, yeah!

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Me sitting in some weeds....yep its random

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