Monday, May 9, 2016

An Exceedingly Waxy Week

Well I met my new companion this week. He is a Crispy Bisket. Which is this new compliment that I have started giving people. Elder Mitton is an awesome Elder. He is from Lindon, Utah. He is a slightly above middle class High school social life student. He is a quick learner and doesn't sweat the small things which is totally my type of friend.

Well, this week has been awesome we have 3 people commited for baptism and they're names are Norene, Ruben, and Alex. They are all super Crispy Bisket.

Norene will be getting baptized on the 14th and we are all super excited. The awesome thing is her mom was just recently baptized as well. Elder Mitton and I have been teaching her last few lesson before her baptism. She is so golden, I can't wait to see the happiness she will feel after she is baptized. 

Ruben is from the Philippines. He is super awesome. In fact we sometimes go and do service for him in his backyard and it makes me feel like I am in the Philippines. Anyways Ruben is amazing. We're teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ right now. He has also taught us about this water called "Kangen" Water. Which is a super purified water. Now every time we go to his house he has us take some of this Kangen water. Plus, we have started calling the water Jordan's Secret Stuff (watch Space Jam and you'll understand). We will be heading back over to his house on Thursday to do more service for him.

Alex is an 8-year-old kid that has chosen to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Which is cool since none of his family members are members of the Church. He seems pretty excited to be baptized from what I can see.  

Here are some members that I have met this week. The Ramsey's.  They are pretty cool! They are in the "Sign making" business and they also do some bug exterminations sometimes. The Silvan's have an edible backyard. Almost every plant that he has in his backyard is edible and has an actual flavor in some way. My new favorite plant is called stevia. It tastes like sugar. The last member I have met is Bishop Oliver and he is pretty cool even though I still don't know much about him.

Well, I love all of you and keep being members in the church because you are all important. Stay Waxy. 

Elder R.K. Northrup

Elder Mitton exceedingly astonished.
"I saw a pillar of light..."
A missionary in his natural habitat waiting on any prey who walks by.  Waiting for the opportune moment to stretch forth a Book of Mormon!

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