Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Another group of pictures and videos from Brother Ramsey.  He owns a printing business and let Elders Northrup and Perkins create their own.  Here are pictures of the process and the end results. Fun P-Day activity!

Awwwwww yyaaaaaa, A servant named Northrup

This week has been quite quite good actually.

We have got a new investigator!  Look at the flick of that wrist, "Whooop!" (We say that last part a lot). Anyways he was our media referral that we have been trying to get a hold of. He just up and called us back which was totally weird because people don't usually call us, period...so heck ya! His name is Meuoy Vandy. He is from Laos. He wanted to learn about how he can get rid of sad and guilty feelings, so we obviously taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We taught with such power and unity it was awesome to hear him say that he totally got everything we taught him. We we scheduled a follow-up appointment that we held at the church on Saturday... To be continued....

Later on in the week we were stopped by this Muslim guy....probably one from the looks of it that wasn't practicing. Anyways he stopped us and started asking us some sincere questions. He asked us about some of our beliefs and why we believe the things that we do. We then were able to leave him with a couple of our pamphlets for him to read. As we left we asked his name? He told us that it was Fahad. We then proceeded to give him ours and when I went he looked at me and said "Northrup, Northrup! That is a nice A** name." Which I thought was hilarious! The sad thing is is Fahad was totally baked at this time. Dang it.

Saturday we taught Meuoy again at the church this time. Meuoy got lost trying to find the church. Never fear, we were able to pick him up because Brother Nichols was coming to the lesson and so we just went and got him.  We were then able to teach him about the Restoration.  It was a pretty good lesson. The only lame part is Brother Nichols kept interrupting me when I was trying to invite him to baptism. He did so many times that we had to settle with the invitation to pray to know if what we teach is true. Better luck next time, I guess. Sadly he didn't make it to church the next day because of stomach pains.

Fast forward to Sunday. We did all of our church things and stuff, but after church nobody had signed up to feed us that day. So without me knowing, Elder Perkins decided to take that mission into his own hands. He walked up to the Galloways and asked Sister Galloway..."How much do you love us?" Which she replied with, "So MUCH!" He then asked if we could have dinner with them, which they were totally fine with. Now here is what I thought Elder Perkins had originally asked. I thought he had asked Sister Galloway how much food she had and was surprised when she had replied with "So MUCH!" I was completely astonished that she said we could come over after that, because I could not believe that had actually worked. However later I was corrected.

Later that day we saw Fahad again and he ask more questions and this time he wasn't high at all. Which was great. We actually got to talk to him a little more. As we left he repeated that whole thing with my name agian. HaHa.

On Monday, we got to talk to the Welch's in our ward. They just moved in and are newly weds. They are awesome. Bro. Welch's Dad played Tennis for Lehi High and took state once. On top of that they are just great member missionaries. I super love them. They have the same kind of humor as me and Elder Perkins. 

Anyways that was our week. It was a blast. I am staying in Garrison Creek for at least one more transfer. Have a good one y'all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

The Galloway family!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ponderizing Scripture learned with a tune

Elder Northrup was asked to teach the zone the ponderizing scripture for the week.  He did it through a song.  (Suprised... I know I am!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Service and 7UP

(Note from missionary mom)  

Brother Devin Ramsey is the ward mission leader in the Garrison Creek ward.  He has been amazing about sending me pictures and videos of Elder R.K. Northrup and his companions.  Here is the latest! He took photos of them doing some service and enjoying refreshment!  Thanks Bro. Ramsey!  You're amazing!

Brother Ramsey thought they were going for the weeds, 
but instead they went for refreshment!

Good Job Elders!

Monday, July 18, 2016

At a Snails pace!

This week has been really slow and will most likely result in not having much to say today.

We have now probably tracted just over half of our area. Which is really not good because that means we are running out of 'prepared' people in this area at this time. However we must stand our ground!

So a bit more about biking and problems. This week we have had Elder Perkins tires receive many holes. Which, he said was "just amazing". The funny thing though is that Elder Perkins definitely has the most Hybrid bike I have ever witnessed before in my life. It's going to start a new biking trend or something.

Oh and somethings I say on my bike whenever we are flying down a hill is ...."Lock S-falls in attack position, and keep your eyes peeled for enemy fighters" (which are the cars on the street).

We also went on exchanges this week, this time I went with Elder Cardin. Elder Cardin was pretty cool. We had a good time trying to find people to teach. We were able to talk to Tina again. She told us she would call us to set up a time. However she failed to follow through with the attempt. Which means we will probably try and contact her tomorrow. Pray that she is prepared to hear the message of the restoration and be baptized.

Ruben came to church again this week. Which is good, because now he is progressing again. He is the slowest progressing person I have ever taught and has to many things going on in his life. Oh well he still needs the Gospel and it is our job to teach it.

Sunday we also stopped by one of our less actives/part member families. Their names are Shelby and Brian. We are trying to grow a friendship with them so we can possibly start teaching the husband the lessons because he is the non-member. They are pretty cool. They are major Gamer's and I think they probably have all of the systems/games imaginable. Which means it was easy to get along with them and talk about their interests. We got a lot further this time then we have in long while. Since Brian is a pretty shy guy, it was awesome to see him start opening up a little more last night. Which we are praying will continue as we meet with them.

Love all of you guys, make sure you use the ward mission plan where you live because it has to be used to be effective.

Elder R.K. Northrup

I don't always hold a claymore but when I do I usually pull a face like this.

bum bum bububum.......

Bring it on ...boy

Monday, July 11, 2016

Thank you very little!

To start my email off... This just in...  More Bike Problems! The other day we were about to go out on bikes when we discovered Elder Perkins front bike tire was now completely flat. I decided to come up with a quick fix...we stripped the road bike of its front tire and attached it to his mountain bike. It is definitely the most ghetto bike we have ever seen at this point. Plus another bonus is more money down the drain.

Now for the news of the week. It has been a pretty awesome week. We were able to teach Joseph Newbill again. We taught him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and then did a lot of teach people, not lessons. It was good none the less though. He said he might come work out with us in morning now. He is totally jacked so if we can get some pointers from him then it will be pretty awesome.

One of the days we were tracting and this guy opened the door and just straight up told us we are being deceived and that the Book of Mormon isn't true. Well, I got a bit frustrated with him so I asked him if he had ever prayed about the Book of Mormon? He replied, "I haven't even read it." Elder Perkins then asked him have you read the Bible? He told us he had. Then we asked him, "Have you ever prayed to know if the Bible is true?" He looked at us like we were stupid and said, "Why would I pray about a book!" Right at that moment my mind flashed the words UNBELIEVABLE! That's when I thanked him for his time, tried to give him a card...which he rejected.  We told him to have a good one and started to leave. As we were walking away he kept yelling at us that we are still being deceived and that there are a bunch of things on the Internet that proves we are wrong. I just yelled back to him not to believe everything he reads. (Insert todays movie quote here... "Thank you very little."  (Caddyshack)

My right arm has really started hurting this week, but it is only when I move it in certain ways. I am hoping that it will heal soon and feel a lot better. Pray for it, please!

A lot of our teaching appointments happened  on Saturday.  Sadly Tina canceled because she had to run a family errand but on the up side she said she would reschedule with us. 

Now for my favorite moment this week. We got to teach Deefon Whitfield again this week. We were also able to bring Bro. Galloway to the lesson. We followed up with her on the Book of Mormon assignment we left her, which was just the introduction. Well she read that and the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses, as well as Joseph Smith's testimony! She told us that their has got to be something here. Hellen Keller Ya! We then taught her the Book of Mormon lesson. It was awesome how much she was soaking in. We had Bro. Galloway bear his testimony on the Book of Mormon as well as invite her to church this week. The lesson was just so awesome! She didn't make it to church, but she will eventually I can just feel it.

We also taught Ruben and he finally made it to church again. That was great to seem back. We just need to keep him coming and really help him progress.

Well, that has been our experiences this week. Pretty dang excited huh.

Elder R.K. Northrup

(This is mom speaking now... I had a fun couple weeks getting some photos of Elder Northrup and Elder Perkins texted to me.  Here they are!)

Courtesy of Christie Rosengren 

Christie gave me her address so I could send Reggie packages there.  Perfect timing because Reggie was in need of his contacts.  Last time I mailed them to the mission office, they were lost for 2 months.  He got this package in 2 days!  (He looks a little fatigued from riding bikes... a bit of helmet head going on!)

These courtesy of Devin Ramsey (the ward mission leader

Bro. Ramsey said, "He doesn't like vegetables haha.  He does love coleslaw from KFC"  
(And I thought he would be forced to eat them on his mission... nah!)

Below are picture of him and Elder Perkins heading up to their apartment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The "weak" before the 4th

Sister Rasmussen, Elder Northrup, and President Rasmussen

Well, this week has been kinda weak. A ton of walking because...you guessed it, bike problems. Right when we thought everything was good Elder Perkins drove his bike over a staple on the ground and pop goes the tire! He was not too happy about that. We were able to talk to a lot more people this week. None too interested sadly. Satan really does not like it when we are riding bikes.

I was able to go on exchanges with the Skyway B Elders. I went up to Skyway alongside Elder Sumsion. He is an incredible missionary! Really in-tune with the spirit. I am going to be working on that tuning myself to the spirit more. While I was with him we were able to talk to a LA member that we tracted into, a lady from the Philippines who set up time for us to come back and then we talked with another lady named Lynn. We taught her about repentance and how God can take away her guilt and make her trials easier to bare. She accepted a pamphlet and we told her we would stop by some time. During this entire time I had to use the bathroom so bad! Well, God blessed us because of my sacrifice!

When we got back our original companions we talked about what we had learned on exchanges. I am going to be using the Book of Mormon more when we are doing our finding hour. 

That new change has paid off. I was able to use a scripture that we were able to play off of to gain a potential on Sunday. Then we got an appointment to go back over to her today! Her name is Tina, I'm hoping it will go well. I will be praying for the spirit and the gift of discernment for that lesson. Pray for her, that she feels like she is ready for the Gospel in her life.

The 4th of July was quite unproductive. We tried to do a bunch of things and had some set lesson but everything just didn't go our way. Which is what happens on most holidays. Oh well.

Have a great week the church is true because God told me! I know the scriptures are the word of God and he will never cease to do miracles.

Elder R.K. Northrup  

P.S.  Met our new mission president and his wife, the Rasmussen's.  They are completely different from the Eaton's.  Also I lot of other things but I think he will be great.
Look at these cool kids!

All the Elders from the Renton Zone.

President and Sister Rasmussen with an Elder in between them.
Renton Zone with President and Sister Rasmussen

Elder Sumsion and Me