Monday, March 7, 2016

Take that Jehovah W's

Some of the members of the zone having a sports day.

This week has been weird and awesome.

First off, Thursday are our weekly planning days.....yet for some reason we are always having to go and complete other tasks during that time. This week the sisters in our district wanted us to give them a blessing. We went over to their church house with the Spanish Elders. They told us before we gave them the blessing that a lot of there investigators are having heart attacks, strokes, and threatening to commit suicide. It is a little bit ridiculous. I gave Sister Young a blessing and spirit basically directed me to bless her with the Gift of discernment so that she will know how to best succor or help their investigators get through these tough moments. Elder Richards then gave Sister Ketchum a similar blessing. I love being able to give people blessings. I know there is an amazing special spirit when your able to serve and administer to people who are in need.

On Friday we went on a short exchange with Elder Pratt in the Dolloff Lake Ward. We went tracting for most of the time.  We knocked on this one guys house named Mike Stovell and he shared with us his experiences with trusting in God. Which I thought was awesome because earlier that day in my personal study I had been reading about the 2,000 stripling warriors and how in every battle they trusted that God would deliver them out of their enemies hands. I was then able to share with him one of those scriptures. I now have a huge testimony about morning studies. Therefore STUDY! After I shared that scripture with him he talked about how when God speaks to him it sounds like Shawn Conery. He says he hears it that way because his ancestors are from Scotland. Which I thought  was pretty funny and awesome. Afterward Elder Pratt and I went to another part of his area and tracted some more. That's when we found Jehovah Witness pamphlets in all of the doors of the houses we were tracting.  We couldn't have people reading false doctrine now could we? We decided that the best course of action was to remove all of those pamphlets from the doors of Christ's people. Take that JW's!

On Saturday I went on exchange with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Anderton to Redondo. We had tons of set appointments....that all fell through. Elder Anderton was somewhat astonished. I asked him if this usually happens. He replied with absolutely not. I just looked at him and said well it usually happens to me more often then not. That was basically our exchange the whole day. However, we were able to meet some pretty cool people and invite them to baptism, which was super awesome. The other thing I learned form Elder Anderton was how to make planning a more inspiring experience. 

Anyways our President said that sports proselyting is a no go. Which is honestly more of a hindrance to the missionary work in the Korean Branch but, Oh well!

Well you all have a nice week now and I love ya all.

Elder R.K. Northrup
so back in Nam....just kidding this is a turf burn while playing touch Rugby.

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