Monday, February 29, 2016

Cinnamon Rice Milk, Just Drink It!

Nothing like a piece of wood for Breakfast.................................yeah that is sugarcane

This week has been good not many things happened though so its probably going to be pretty short.

We went on exchanges with the Spanish Elders again. I went with an Elder to the Spanish Branch. Not to be rude or anything but I have never been on a more boring exchange and I know that's probably just my attitude about it. Honestly though this elder barely says a word when he talks to people. I would ask a question about him and he would spend about 5 minutes thinking about what to say and then he would give me an answer of 5 words or less. On the other side of things I did discover this new drink it is called rachutta or something close to that. It's like a cinnamon rice milk, its super good. I totally recommend it, so JUST DRINK IT! 

On Sunday our recent convert Brother Jeon received his patriarchal blessing. I thought that was so cool that he was getting that sacred blessing. 

The other thing that happen Sunday was we got a call from a member that had served in Elder Jeong home ward. The cool thing was he was calling us because he had found a korean referral for us that had already gone to church 4 times. He also told us that he was going to have us start teaching the lesson to her. I was just thinking in my mind was, "I like that!" We are going to be heading over to that members house this week to discuss further details on how we are going to teach her.

The other thing we are doing this week is asking President for permission to do Sports proselyting. Why are we asking you might say. We are asking because Elder Jeong was telling me that in Korea they did basketball proselyting and it was super successful. They were able to teach and baptize about 15 people. The Korean culture is all about having fun activities and it is a resource we want to start implementing into our missionary work.

Sorry for the short email, but hey that doesn't mean the church isn't true, it just means that missionary work is hard work!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Elder Jeong and I at the "FIRST COMING"

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