Sunday, March 13, 2016


I got a hand written letter from Reggie.  Rod pulled it out yesterday before church.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Thought I would share some of it here...

Hey Mom,
I have figured out why the Korean Branch is such a hard area.  It is very taxing.  It takes it's toll on missionaries pretty fast.  There are a few reasons it is so hard.  One... the branch is quite small and on top of that, members are slowly dwindling and going back to their local wards.  The other thing is it is almost impossible to plan because most of our members and investigators are either single sisters or their spouse is rarely home, which makes planning super difficult.  On top of that, President Eaton basically just took away us playing sports for morning workout.  Playing sports in the morning for that was really calming.  Plus, he told me the harder I work out in the morning is when I will feel the most awake during the day.  Well just lifting weights or doing push-ups really does not help me with being more awake.  I really don't know what to do now.  I am asking you and dad for advice on this situation.

On the other side of things, I am slowly learning how to read Korean.  Which is a pretty awesome miracle.  I have been having a lot better personal study time than I use to because I have been trying to apply the scriptures I read to certain situations where I could use that specific scripture.  It has been awesome to come to strengthen my testimony of personal study in the morning.  The 2 verses I was able to find were Alma 50:1 and Alma 62:5.  One is on being prepared and the other is on flocking to the standard which I related to coming to church.  Maybe you could have a FHE on those scriptures or something. 

Well, have a great week.

-Elder Northrup

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