Monday, March 14, 2016


Holy Cow, this has been kind of a really dumb week, but with some miracles.

Our Korean Branch is slowly falling apart. We had one of members get called to be the Bishop of another ward. The Weisemillars are starting to go to there local ward, same with the Bjornsteads.  We might not have a Korean Branch soon. Which is kinda crazy since I've only just entered this area.

I am getting sick and tired of RAIN!

However, here is a cool experience that happened yesterday as we were driving back to our apartment. The sky was basically battling each other. On one side you had dark clouds with rain. While on the other side of us we had the power of the sun and the warmth that is brings. Now for the relation and significant gospel principle this has. On one side we have the strength of the Sun representing our Heavenly Father/or The Son, while we have Darkness and Misery which represents Satan. This is kinda lame how Satan is using even the weather to attack each of us. However the good thing is bad weather/Satan must always retreat. The Power of the Sun/God cannot lose. 

On the missionary work side of things. We have been stopping by members houses and giving them member inspires.  We are using the new Easter Initiative video. That video is awesome. It was amazing to see how really willing our members are to get involved with missionary work. They even gave us some referrals. Even though they were all American and we had to refer them to other missionaries, it was awesome to know that our Korean Branch members are really trying.


Elder R.K. Northrup

The Kim Family

The Woodards

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