Monday, March 28, 2016

Elder Northrup has gained the power of INVITATION

This week has been so good!

Here are some cool things that have happened this week.

Elder Polson, one of my favorite companions, came back to the zone!

Now for the rest of the news. This week we taught one of our potential investigators that we have been doing service for. We were teaching her the Restoration of Jesus Christ. The lesson went pretty smoothly with the spirit being present. When we finished giving the first vision, it was my turn to give the baptismal invite. Now at that moment I have never felt the spirit so strongly before ever, at least that I can recall. "Will you be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God?" As I said those words it felt like the God had drenched that phrase with spirit-roids, bringing an increase of the feeling of the power of the Holy Ghost. That moment was incredible and I shed a few tears of joy. Even though she rejected the invitation. I realized in that moment that the invitations to act towards the goal of becoming like Christ, have the backing of the Holy Ghost. I love that. I will never hesitate again to invite someone to be baptized.

On Saturday this week Elder Polson and I were invited to a baptism for one of the investigators that we had been teaching when we were serving in Dash Point. Audrey Calder was baptized and will be receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost in two weeks. We congratulated her and then left for Tacoma. That was the Highlight of Saturday. I flippin' love it when people get baptized, because I know how much happiness it can bring them into their life.

On Sunday we went to Bellevue to visit one of our investigators, Yoon Jin Lock. He is awesome. He really wants to quit smoking. He said that if he does that he will get baptized. We are trying our hardest to help him through that trial. We are going to be giving him the ARP booklet. We are praying that that will help overcome this addiction. Pray for him.

Well thank you so much for your support, I love all of you.


Elder R.K. Northrup

Elder Moon, Audrey Calder and me at her Baptism!

Apparently nothing happened!

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