Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanks.....for a baptism

Elder Polson, Ricardo Tanaka and Elder Northrup
November 28th, 2015

Well this week has been great and a bit disturbing.

Tuesday was a pretty average missionary day. That is it was up until around 7pm. That is because Elder Polson and I, had to go fill up our tires with air. Well, since you all know me that obviously didn't go to well. Here is why, I had previously voted on going and filling up our tires at place where the professionals could do it. Elder Polson decided against that idea. He had the final say in the disagreement. Which means we ended up going and doing ourselves. Anyways he gets out of the car with our tire pressure gauge to check the tires. As soon as he checked the first one the pressure gauge blow up in his face. I didn't discovered that this had happened until a few minutes later. That when I hear Elder Polson say, "Umm Elder Northrup......ummmm I broke it." "Broke what," I said. That's when he just lifts up his hand and shows me the pressure disrepair. I could not help but saying "way to go REX." A bit later we bought a new one and were able to finally finish putting air in the tires. I definitely will never be doing that myself ever again.

Broken Tire Gauge

On Thursday we got to have extreme exercise time. We were able to go play sports from 9-12. I finally got to play Ultimate Frisbee for like the first time in for ever (pun intended). I was so much fun. My team destroyed the other team, it was pretty much NO CONTEST. I say that because we my team somehow picked all the people who had played in Utah on teams before their missions. 

Thanksgiving fun!  (Elders Steiner and Miller)

Later in the day we went and ate at the Sutton's they are really nice family and everything but it was different compared to our family's Thanksgivings. It was still a good dinner because they have a son named John who is just the funniest kid. Once we finished eating we left and went home for the night.

Last Saturday was also just so amazing and weird at the same time. We went and were able to set up for Ricardo's baptism. While we were there setting up. These random people came into the room. All I saw at first was Elder Polson face, which was just a face of surprise. I was a bit confused until one of the random people said, "We probably shouldn't be doing this right now." At that moment it hit me. Those people were Elder Polson's extended family. I was so awkward for Elder Polson because they aren't suppose to be there. He didn't even invite them either they just showed up and so that was the super weird part of it all. 

During the actual baptism though the spirit was flooding into the room. It was just so amazing the feeling that was present. Elder Polson baptized Ricardo and when they came back. Ricardo went up to the front and bore his Testimony in front of people for the first time. When he was speaking you could tell that the words he was saying were coming from his heart. It was just an amazing experience. The next day in Sacrament our Bishop confirmed him a member of the church of Jesus Christ and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. Wahoo another person has accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sad and disturbing thing this week is I heard one of my friends from our Ultimate frisbee team passed away. His name was Deric Chenworth. He was a very great guy and an amazing friend. Keep his family in your prayers.

Elder R.K. Northrup

(Received this picture that Elder Polson's aunt texted during the baptism.)

 "Rainy days and Mondays  Always RARELY get me down!"

Weird Baptism Day Picture.
Elder Nelson, Me and Elder Polson

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