Monday, November 23, 2015

Thou Shalt Be Dunked!

Well guess what guys we finished planning for Ricardo's baptism for the 28th! It is going to be such an awesome experience for him. I am so happy that he has made the right decision to get baptized. He is going to be so beast mode in the gospel.

Elder Ha and I went on exchange this week. We didn't do much on them because we exchanged the night before Zone Conference. However, I learned from him how sacred the progress record paper is. I learned this when he rebuked the Tacoma WML for the Korean Branch, about how they don't just put anyone on that record and they only put people on the record who are progressing or have been prepared by God to receive the Restored Gospel. That experience was just amazing and I will never forget it. After that meeting we went and got Chick-fil-a. Now this moment was Elder Ha's first time eating Chick-fil-a. Right when he took his first bite, his face looked like he had just won 1 million dollars. I was just smiling at him the whole time. He is such a good Elder.
On another note we had zone conference this week. It was such a blast. I learned so much about prayer. I have learned that being more specific in your prayers will allow for those things to an exactness will happen. It has been flippin' amazing because we have found more potential investigators and more people to teach. One miracle was the other night we got a call from a guy named Oscar. He wanted to know if he could follow us and sit with us at Stake Conference. We just thought. What?! It was so amazing to have someone just want to come and listen about the teachings of the Gospel. We later found out that he has been taught since Spencer W. Kimball was the prophet. We found his teaching record in our area book and it almost 7 pages long, plus he has passed two baptismal interviews. The only thing that hasn't happened to him is getting baptized, so we are going to work with him to get baptized.
We had dinner with the Websters the other night. They are so great. They love teasing people and always can make people laugh. Sister Webster is the Relief Society President and does a fabulous job at it. She gave us so many people that have recently moved, that need visiting and could possible be solid investigators in the future. That family is just a powerhouse in missionary work.
Well sorry I didn't write as much as previous times but the church is true and it will be that for today, yesterday, and forever so don't you forget it!
Elder R.K. Northrup

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