Monday, December 7, 2015

The Golden Nugget

This just in.....I have just received great inspiration while praying this week and miracle's have manifested themselves!

I had been praying all week for us to gain a new investigator because Ricardo, as you all know, just got baptized. That means we need more solid investigators. Anyways I had been praying all week for us to find another gold nugget (investigator, for those of you who don't the missionary slang terms). I had prayed specifically for a person who was ready and prepared by God to hear the message of the restoration of Christ's church. Each night my prayers would get more and more lengthy as I prayed for this specific miracle. 
On Wednesday around 4:38 we tracted into this lady. That whole day I had been asking the question of "what is your favorite thing that Christ has done for you?" We got some amazing answers and blessings that people have seen in there lives, even though they didn't want to hear God's message, it was still interesting to hear from them. Back to this lady...we knock her house and she opens the door, looks at us quickly and starts to close the door.  Well, that's when I whipped out the question I had been using that day. She looks at me and opens the door and says, "Jesus Christ has done nothing for me....I am a Humanist, which means I am an Atheist, so I don't need God in my life." After that she slammed the door in our faces. I decided that she will eventually use her agency correctly and to just move on from there. As we start walking up the street we see another lady off to our right setting her house up for Christmas. We walk over to her and offer her assistance. She gratefully accepted and we went to work. While we were helping her set up her tree, she told us that she had been praying that people would come help her. I just thought in my mind "Dang right you did"! As soon as I had that thought she tells us that we can start teaching her while we work. Those words being said to any missionary is like the icing on the cake, the cat's meow, etc. We right then in there started teaching the Restoration. Plus she also wants to go back on Wednesday to keep teaching her. She is so golden. Her name is Denise Reed. All y'all need to pray for her.

Well sorry it is so short this week, but praying really helps and will never let you down especially when our Heavenly Father is on the receiving end of those prayers. Now guys go and pray always.

Elder R.K. Northrup 

 Me and Elder Polson giving gifts.
Yeah I had the staff of moses...that was my gift to Jesus

 Left to Right: Elder Chugg, Elder Tima, Sister Dameron, Elder Northrup, Elder Polson
 These two pics were texted to me from Sister Petty.  I love these kinds of surprises!

 So we go to Buffalo Wild Wings and Elder Larsen (top right) decided that its a cheeseburger day!
 Elder Northrup, Elder Jeong, and Elder Palmer....still helping at the nativity
Basically the whole zone working on the Nativity.

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