Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Follow the Prompting, Follow the Prompting...‏

Lightsaber flashlight!

This week has been incredible. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Clauson went to Spanaway with Elder Johnson, while Elder Anderton came to Orting with me. Our whole day was awesome because of how directing the spirit was. That day Elder Anderton and I found 9 potentials. Two of them were houses we were inspired to knock. We were riding our bikes and Elder Anderton look towards a house and saw the word "Family." We just decided to go knock that house. A girl named Kristina opened the door and we did what any missionary would do and that is we asked why families are so important to her. She said because they make her happy. We then smiled at her and said "well would you like to know how they can live together forever?" She looked at us and said "Of course, but I would like my whole family here when you guys share your message."  After we left, Elder Anderton and I were so happy we were giving each other high fives because we were able to follow that prompting and saw the fruit that came out of it.
We then kept biking along and we past by this house that I felt and urge to go towards but I ignored it the first time. When we got to a four-way stop I felt despicable and told Elder Anderton we needed to go back and knock that house. We went back and girl named Mya opened the door and again we talked to her and she told us that her mom might want to listen to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to try and stop by at any time. A few more high fives later we started heading back to apartment for bed time.

Something funny that happened this week was something that happened with the Firgrove Elders. They were at their Bishops house having dinner and the Bishop asked Elder Nelson (who is from Alberta, Canada) where he was thinking about going to school. Elder Nelson said that he kinda wished that there was a BYU school where he lived. Their Bishop looked at them and said "You mean BYUA." Which is super funny if you know Canadians.

That's pretty much it for this week. You all have a righteous week now guys.

Elder R.K. Northrup

 A great shot of Mt. Rainier
Our beds, mine is obvious.  (The white one... only one sheet, less to have to make.)  Put the top sheet in the pillow case and walah... all made!

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