Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As Sllllooooowwwww as a turtle.

I'll be Back!

This week has been a continuation of nothing happening. It really is pretty lame. On the bright side we were able to get a couple potentials on the night of the blood red moon. Which totally looked like Korriban from star wars. Two of the potentials seem really solid and they committed to watching some of General Conference. 

One of the potentials was kinda funny just because it was during the night. We saw a lady outside talking on the phone and as we start walking towards her.  She starts running for the garage. However we were able to talk to that lady's husband. He was pretty interested. As we were talking to him his wife came back out and apologized for running away from us. She thought we were going to pull a gun on her or something because we were wearing all black and stuff. We luckily dodged that bullet.  

Then we continued walking and found this shrine to someone who was murdered on a certain street and was the biggest false idol I have ever seen. Yeah it's sad the guy got murdered but why do you need this shrine to worship him (face-palm). Washington people are crazy.
On Sunday we got transfer calls. I am leaving the area, while Elder Clauson is staying in Orting as District Leader. Plus, he is training again. He not too happy with that because training people, he says is one of the most challenging things to do.
Anyways I am leaving to Federal Way, Dash Point ward. The amazing thing is my compainion was in our District just last transfer and now I am his companion. His name is Elder Polson and he is from Kaysville Utah. I am super excited to go and serve in that area with him.
On Monday I went around to all of my favorite members in Orting and got pictures with them. They are all super awesome. I definitely hope to see them all again some day.
Well sorry there wasn't much to say this week, but remember the church is true and nothing has ever been able to withstand the restoration of the gospel, when the spirit is present. Now go and follow Him.
Elder R.K. Northrup

 Sister Jones and the Elders
 Me with the Dickson Family
 The Melots and Me
 The Pines... Some of my Favorite.  Their Slogan, "It's never boring at the Pines!"
 The Rays
Me and the Woods

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