Monday, September 21, 2015

Weed...weed everywhere‏

Well this week has still been pretty much the same as last week in the point that we still haven't found anyone to teach. So we have been making our focus on less-actives and part member families and this guy who has seriously lost his way.

Well Washington this week has smelled terrible. The smell we have smelt like everyday this week has been the smell of weed, I cannot believe that anyone would want to smell that way. It smells like a dumpster with skunk spray in it. RIDICULOUS!

However this week has been also tough because I had to be the Senior Companion for the week which totally stunk (no pun intended) because I am a terrible Senior Companion. I tried so hard to plan people to visit and where to contact but I would only end up having like three people on my planner that we should visit. This was pretty much the case until the last day where I was prompted strongly around 6:00 Saturday evening that we need to get our butts over to a development called Carbon River Landing. Obviously we furiously sped our way over there and we went to a less active house. The less actives name is Starr, she has been wanting to come back to church for a long time and we had the most spiritual lesson with her as we read Alma 7 (which is one of my favorite chapters). We had her pray at the end and that pray was extremely heart felt. She asked our heavenly Father to help her get to church in the morning if she felt well enough to do it. Then she also asked him for his help to help her stop smoking. I just kept wanting to give her a hug, but knew I couldn't. She is awesome please pray for her, to help her recover from the surgeries she is going through.

Now for Sean, we went and visited him after Starr and the Melots (we were going to give them an object lesson because they are a part member family, but they had friends over). Now when we got to Sean's house we found out that he wasn't feeling well, he had Bronchitis, and was coughing up blood. He then ask us to give him a blessing, so we quickly drove to our apartment to grab some oil. We got back and he asked me to anoint and Elder Clauson to voice. I love anointing because it makes me feel good that people see me as a being with a lot of faith in Heavenly Father. Anyways we quickly gave him the blessing and he looked up at us and said he had a feeling he would be loads better in the morning. We knew what he had just said was true.
The next day, Sunday, We went to a Mission Devotional. The spirit at those Devotionals are just amazing. I recommend going to one if you can. At the closing remarks President Eaton stood up and said to us that when he was putting together the video clips he was hesitant on one of them because of how long it was. He told us that the spirit told him to do it anyway because someone in the room would be touched by it. He just had know idea who it would be. I am pretty sure he is going to be a General Authority at some point and that is why.
Funny things that happened this week:
A lady gave us money, after we did service for her, to get lunch:
We finally excepted and took the money. 
As we where walking away she yelled to us to have a nice lunch! 
Elder Clauson replied to her with..."you too" um "If you ever eat some day"
(HAHA Brian Reagan situations)
Elder R. K. Northrup

Mmmm, yummy toast.

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