Sunday, September 27, 2015

Feelin' the Love

We received a hand written letter this week from Elder Northrup.  Here are a few parts from it.

(Talking about Liam almost impaling himself through the chest when helping me put flags up for Labor Day, Reggie said...)  Tell Liam that his new theme song is "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger!"

I am doing super good out here.  I just wish there were more people that lived in Orting so wouldn't feel like we have been through every neighborhood more than twice.  However, I am still happy because I didn't expect it to be easy.  I hope that those planted seeds will eventually be ready to hear the message of the gospel and it's restoration.

Karter, how was the Sadie's dance?  What did you do?  Did you have loads of fun?  How is ultimate?  Stay humber while you play and don't ever become like Timpview's team.  Write letters.  Karter, tell me what's going on in school, sports, everything.  I LOVE YOU, KARTER!

Liam what new things have you discovered?  Are you doing anything cool right now?  Are you going to be playing basketball? Tell me what's happenen?  I LOVE YOU, LIAM!  Guess what Liam??  I am only going to miss your birthday one time on my mission, pretty awesome, RIGHT?

Gabi well what is going on with you?  Have you been liking school?  What is your favorite class?  Have you joined any clubs or anything?  I LOVE YOU!

Gretchen how has your week been?  What did you do for your birthday?  Are you enjoying school?  Keep being awesome!  I LOVE YOU!

I LOVE YOU, MOM & DAD... and remember 2 Timothy 4:7 is an awesome scripture.

What we have been up to while you are away!

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