Monday, October 5, 2015

Dash Point...... YEA!

Mt. Rainier

Well as you all know transfers happened and I am now in Federal Way, Dash Point Ward. The members I have met so far have been super cool. Plus some of them are famous like Brother Phipps is a 16 time arm-wrestling champion. His arms are massive. We also met Brother Wilkinson who is super funny and he talked with us a lot about the Bible and how you know if Gods signature is on it, so that was super cool. 

At our district meeting, I found out who was in our district and who our Zone Leaders are. Our District Leader is Elder Ha who is serving in the Korean Branch with Elder Kim. Then we have some sisters in our District and thats it. Our Zone Leaders are Elder Tali'uli and Elder Brown. Elder Tali'uli when gets home will be playing BYU football so make sure you keep an eye out for him. He is also a great missionary. He is always willing to give people hugs, but when he gives you a hug he lifts you up off the ground and cracks your back for you. It feels awesome. Elder Brown is also a super awesome guy he is a super down to earth person, and is still about as big as Elder Tali'uli. 

Elder Polson (who is my companion) and I, are doing amazing. We already get along great together. He is just super awesome. The only problem is he just about hasn't seen any movies. Meaning speaking fluent movie quotes won't be quite as fun. Anyways, Elder Polson and I have been teaching this investigator named Ricardo, he is a Brazilian. He just recently married a return missionary who served her mission in Argentina. Her name is Gabriella, she is also super awesome. Anyways Ricardo should be getting baptized some time this week or next.  We just recently taught him a lesson at the Crawford's house in between sessions of Conference on Sunday. We taught him about the Ten Commandments, and had a great discussion about it afterward. They then came out of no where and joined us at the Federal Way Stake Center for the Sunday Afternoon Session of Conference (Epic Fist pump). 

This week we might get evicted out of our apartment because we keep getting letters that we owe $52.76 on rent. Hopefully that has been taken care of, but who knows! We might be living on the street in my next email.

Now for General Conference. It was awesome. My 4 favorite talks were by Robert D. Hales, Henry B. Eyring, Russell M. Nelson, and David A. Bednar. They were incredible, I wrote down so many things that I could improve on as a missionary and things to do as a return missionary. I can't tell you most of them because I wrote them down so I could remember them later. However, I am starting to do one thing and that is to "Ponderize" scriptures. Elder Polson and I, decided to start with Ether 12:6. Everyone else should start doing this too because it will be great to learn from everyone's chosen scriptures.

Well, thanks a bunch for tuning in this week, and remember this is the only true church!
Elder R.K. Northrup 

 Selfie time... Elder Polson Driving and me cheesin!
"LDS-You're under Bondage"
Pay the rent or GET EVICTED!

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