Monday, August 3, 2015

Gotta get Back in Time....

Washington has still been really dry.  It's like Utah stole all of the rain.  They are going to have to change this state from the Evergreen state to the Ever-dry state.

So we did another exchange this week. I went to Spanaway again, but this time I went with Elder Anderton. He is super cool. He taught me how to make the most amazing breakfast...I will tell you what it is later.

Most of the events this week happened on Saturday. We woke up and started doing our Personal Studies. Just as they ended we got a call from the Elk Plain Sisters saying they needed us over at there building asap. They needed one of us to baptize their investigator because the only Priesthood holder there was the bishop and he was already giving a talk on Baptism. We got there and I was thrown pretty much into the white jumpsuit to do the baptism. However, it was a really awesome experience.  I was able to feel the spirit so strongly and baptize this kid who, I believe, was 9 or 10. His name was Allen Holmes. That kid was never not smiling. I knew that he was feeling the spirit so strongly and I was very happy for him.

We quickly went back to our apartment to grab a bite to eat. That is when we got another call from the Zone Leaders. They told us that the child records baptism people drained the font when they were done at our own church building. This was not good because it usually takes about 3 hours to fill the font and we only had about an hour an a half. We started flippin out because it is our job to fill the font when it is our investigator. So there were all of these problems, but thats not the even worst thing. The water that fills the font goes Ice Cold every for every 10 minutes of hot water, so we couldn't keep it on the whole time. Here is what we did to correct the problem. We started boiling water in a big pot to get hot water in there. Plus, I started filling up a bunch of water pitchers, while Elder Clauson grabbed them and ran them from the kitchen to font to dump the water in. Once the water that was boiling was hot enough I grabbed it. As I was lifting it up to dump it into the font my tie decided to take a dip into the hot water (Flabby Divs). This made my shirt and tie completely soaked but we didn't have time to do anything with it so I just kept filling up pitchers and boiling water. The awesome thing was we were able to fill the font in only one hour. VICTORY!! That's when everyone started arriving for Hanna Ognoskie's baptism. As we were there we were talked about how excited for her we were and thought of what an amazing member she was going to be. The spirit was there tenfold.

After we finished the baptism we went to apartment and went out and did some proselyting. 

On Sunday Elder Clauson got sick from heat exhaustion, so we stayed inside after church helping him recover. Well, that's all we have for this week.

Elder R.K. Northrup

P.S.  For service this week we went and washed goats for someone so they could enter them into a goat show.

 Filling pitchers of hot water for Hanna's baptism
 Boiling the water!
 "Po" from Kung Fu Panda
 Hannah Ognoskie baptized August 1, 2015
 My Bear Claw eye patch!
Another edition of MISSIONARY FOOD!  Exhibit D-George Forman grilled Honey Mustard Sandwich!  
(Thanks for the Honey Mustard MOM!)

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