Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And the Rains came down...

It finally down poured and I was soaking wet as we were riding around contacting and setting up lessons.  

My shelter from the down pour.

Ok so this week has been a filled week. We had Zone Conference and our last exchanges with the Firgrove Elders before Transfers. 

I have been doing better at following inspiration when it comes to listening to my thoughts and following through with them. 

We just got 4 new investigators.  A referral from a member family in the ward. (Sweet Sauce) They are teenage friends and family. (Ashley, Rebecca, Sandra and I forgot the 4th girl's name.) Elder Polson and I taught them while we were on exchanges. They seem pretty interested in what Jesus Christ's Gospel can bring them. We will be teaching them again today. I am super excited about it because they will just be getting closer to their Heavenly Father. 

On Thursday, after Ward Mission Meeting, we accidentally left our phone in the car of one of the ward missionaries. Crap....we decided to bike our way to the closest members house which is the Peck's. They were able to drive us over there. When we were pulling into the general neighborhood area, we were stopped by these two cars. The drivers were yelling at each. They got out of their cars and started yelling and swearing about who was following behind who. Finally they stopped and the first car drove away. We drove past the second car and smelt a terrible smell coming from the guy in the car. I suspect it was weed. As we were following the first guy, he soon took a right and drove his car right into curb. That was kind of funny just because of the confused look the guy had when that happened. After that event we were able to get our phone back and we went straight back to our apartment.

Elder Clauson got an extreme canker sore on the back of his throat and he says it hurts to swallow and to talk so he has been taking a numbing agent. We hope the sore goes away soon. We gave him a blessing so that should help.


Well I will be staying in Orting with Elder Clauson for this transfer which is good. I am excited what we can do this transfer to continue the Work of Salvation here. It should be a fun filled week. They only person from our district leaving is Elder Polson. I am a little bit sad to see him leave because he is such a good guy. However, he will be awesome where ever he is getting transferred.

Well Everyone, have a great week and fill it with goals to becoming more Christ like and push yourself to choose the right at all times. I love you all! 
Elder R.K. Northrup
Elder Polson and Me on Exchanges.
We have been playing Ultimate Frisbee catch for exercise every other day.

Elder Northrup:  This is how fast we went in a member's car.
Mom: YIKES... don't ride with that member again.
Elder Northrup: HaHA it's just a joke. His speed ometer thing was broken.
Mom:Thank heavens... the mama bear in me got a little upset that someone was driving you that fast.
Elder Northrup:  HAHAH I knew it would.
Mom:  Do you think you should tell the 10,000 other people you sent the mass letter to that it is broken?
Elder Northrup:  Nope I think they will figure it out eventually. 

 It's Me!

P.S.  We get lucky sometimes and end up online at the same time Reggie is sending his weekly emails.  Here are few tidbits from our back and forth email conversation.

Elder Northrup:  When Karter gets home will you have him write me a letter? I love hearing from him because he makes me laugh. Have him write at least 3 pages.
Mom: A hand-written one?  (You are funny!)  Have you gotten the letters Gretchen and I sent?
Elder Northrup: Yes please. I loved the ones I got from you two. Gretchen's letter made me laugh so hard because of her spelling of things.
Mom:  Hand written letters are DEFINITELY the best.  I will try to do better with those.  Even though they are delayed as far as timing, they are always the best.  We will make that a normal Sunday activity to write real letters.  Dad probably won't do many of those.  He says the reason you get as many as you do from him is because it is easy to type them.  
Elder Northrup:  Well as long as Dad writes me an email then I guess I can't be upset.
Mom:  I am sure he will send a LETTER or two, but yes... be thankful for his emails.  I am sure they are full of wisdom and good.  I love reading the things that dad writes.  

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