Monday, August 24, 2015

Spiritual Promptings

I am going to take a pic of my name tag in all of my areas.
Here's ORTING!

Well this week has been interesting. On Wednesday we had Zone meeting and got to meet all of the new missionaries. These are the people Training missionaries... Elder Lee-wen is training Elder Latimer, which is flippin' awesome because Elder Latimer went to high School with me. Elder Caputo is training Elder Duffin. They are both new to Graham zone and seem pretty cool. Sister Linker is training Sister Gafa. Sister Gafa apparently knows Talmage. When I found that out, I just was like "that is so cool".

We haven't done much this week because we still don't have very many investigators. Those sisters I told you about last week all but 1 has continued learning about the gospel. Keep praying for Ashley Carrick to continue to learn of the gospel and the spirit and blessings it can bring her.
My goal this transfer is to follow every single spiritual prompting that I recieve. The incredible thing about it is in doing this we were able to get a lot more potentials this week than usual. One of the times I received a prompting was when we were finding. We got to a three way stop and we were trying to figure if we should go left or if we should go right. We sat there for a couple seconds and I just got this feeling to go left. We started trudging our way in that direction and we ran into this lady. We started talking to her and she sounded like she really wanted to learn about the gospel. She accepted a restoration pamphlet and said she would start reading it and that we could come back and teach her on Wednesday. Wahoooo thank you spiritual prompting! I hope that I will be continuely worthy of those promptings. 
People who need prayers: Alysha, Ashley Carrick, Sandra Yescas, Casey, and I forgot the last guys name.
Thanks everyone for your support the church is true. Make sure you know that and never doubt it.
Elder R.K. Northrup
P.S. I met a painter this week named Sister Jones she is older and does amazing paintings. She has also met Tom Selleck and has done a couple paintings of him. She also does paintings on elephant ears.

 A non-member we do service for gave me this briefcase. It was made in Romania.
​I bought these two ties this week. They are pretty sick.

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