Monday, July 27, 2015

Revenge of the Satan

I am pretty sure Satan is working over time in Orting right now because things have gotten... well, annoying. We were just dropped by all of our investigators, except for one because of how prepared she is. Everyone else dropped us because they aren't being supported in getting baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On top of that everyone we have been talking to has been rejecting us when we are doing our finding.   One person while I was on exchanges straight up told me and Elder Nelson that he would be fine with not joining the Magic Underwear Church.  (As we both walked away we thought "why would you not want Magic Underwear?"). It is kind of upsetting, but oh well. I am still working hard and we are still praying for people to step into our path that are prepared to hear the restoration of the gospel. 

Wednesday.... (I think), Elder Clauson and I went down a rock strewn trail with our bikes so we could reach a part of Orting called the Buttes. While we were going we contacted someone named Ronda. She said, she was a little bit interested in our church and would be fine with going to a service. Please pray for her that she will feel the spirit. 

On Friday Elder Clauson and I went on those exchanges. I stayed in Orting and he went to Firgrove. My exchanges companion was Elder Nelson.  He is from Canada. Anyways I am still pretty new to running an area and figuring out what to plan for the next. I came to the conclusion that we need to start doing a lot of contacting and talk to everyone. This didn't sit well with Satan, so I am pretty sure he made sure he popped a hole in Elder Clauson's rear bike tire.  That forced me and Elder Nelson to walk everywhere. Anyways we walked to this neighborhood and we were contacting people but just kept getting rejected, which was disappointing.  We got to the point where we were going to give up and go home for the night, but the spirit pushed us to talk to this lady outside tending these dogs. We met her and she wasn't rude about us talking to her. Before we left we were able to set up a lesson for us to come teach her the restoration. That boosted me and Elder Nelson's confidence tenfold. The next day we contacted for three hours and even though we didn't find anybody, we were still happy that we tried. Later that night we re-exchanged and went to a church hosted activity where we met a lot of investigators from different parts of our zone. It was awesome to see how everyone was doing and the starting testimonies of those investigators.

Well that is all I have. Please pray for the Orting and Firgrove Elders to receive more solid investigators that are prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder R.K. Northrup

 Double-sided light sabor
 Elder C's Light sabor
Me in tired mode!
 Another Edition of MISSIONARY FOOD: Exhibit C - Ramen Noodles with taco sauce

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