Monday, August 10, 2015

Apparently, Eve never died?


This week has been great!  We went to our second New Missionary Training Meeting and learned what we need to do to continue our learning as new missionaries. That was pretty great.
As we were leaving and getting in the car, our car wouldn't turn over. Everything wasn't working. We had to call Elder Young who is our missions Car coordinator, he then called Pep Boys to come to the Auburn Stake center to check it out.

During this time we decided to go contacting over there.  That's when we found this Lady who was wearing fedora with a ton of feathers in it. As we were talking to her she told us she was 7,000 yrs. old and told us that she was there in history when Rome was a big civilization. I just about did a face-palm. She also told us how the world was Devolving instead of Evolving and all the reasons she had for thinking that.  We decided at that point to just bare our testimonies and get back to the car. Our car was finally fixed around 4ish. When we got back to Orting we made some calls to get our phone fixed as well which took another hour and a half. We should be getting a new phone soon.

We have gotten 4 new potentials and 2 of them are brothers and they seem really golden. We hope to visit them some time this week. They both seem really cool and were really open when we were talking to them.

A couple days ago we were able to give one of our members a blessing. She had tripped over one of her dogs and her knee was in a lot of pain. We gave her a blessing. I anointed and Elder Clauson gave the blessing. The spirit that you feel when you are giving people blessings is so amazing and I am happy to be worthy to exercise God's priesthood power.

Yesterday in Church, a member of the Bishopric came up to me and said that he was looking for me. In my mind I thought, "Oh crap I did something wrong!" or "I am going to have to give a talk in church next week." That's when he smiled at me and said,  "Will you go bare your testimony at the end of the passing of the sacrament?"  (Phew) I dodged that bullet. I went up there and just shared my thoughts on D&C 50:24. Luckily the spirit guided me and I was able to speak for about 4 minutes on light and was directed to the verses D&C 88:11-12. It was incredible.

We have been praying so much this week for investigators to teach the word of God to. We hope that our hard work will start to come to fruitation soon.  I love you all and love hearing from anyone!  So have a good week guys and CTR.

Elder R.K. Northrup

 ​We had a redlight and I hadn't taken very many pictures so...yeah
The Drive to Church!
Missionary Food - Exhibit E - Protein Pancakes.

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