Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Albert came to church!!!! The crowd went wild!

Wow this week has been really quite slow. Nobody seem to be wanting to have the door open! 

This continued until Thursday where we found this really nice lady named Jen Wilkerson. She is awesome and told us that she is looking for a church right now. We said,  "Awesome! We excel in that area of things!"  We were able to set up a time to meet with her on Wednesday, yeah for the gospel! What she does not realize is that she is about to learn the true and everlasting gospel that is the only true church in existence. To be continued!

We did some service with Bro. Stokes.  We put 4 panels of his fence up. It is looking really good and they just started his gate the other day. Fence building is a blast.  Super love service.

We met with Albert 4 times this weekend! Oh yeah! We taught the Restoration on Friday and he prayed to God at the end, which has previously been a struggle. His prayer was so genuine! The spirit was vibrant! He is a funny guy though because he knew he was feeling the spirit and wasn't sure what to do about it.  On Saturday we went to his house and we gave him a church tour of our building! That so good! He asked us a lot of great questions. We read him one of the sacrament prayers, and explained how church would work. So good!  On Sunday......................Albert came to church!!!!!!!!! The crowd went wild! It was awesome to see him at church and listen to the speakers. Man it was good to see someone progressing again.
On Monday we went by again and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome. He asks such good questions. You can truly see his real intent as he ponders what we teach. That is literally the best thing to see in someone.

Monday we also did a lot of service for people. That was basically how we spent our memorial day.

Also I have been reading Jesus the Christ every night before I go to bed! It is now one of my favorite books. If you have not read it then you are missing out and need to read it. I also have discovered my deep love for the ancient Apostles and all that they did after Christ's death.

I love you all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

Wow!  I must be pretty holy!

Me and Elder Mitton.  Probs the best of pals!

These pictures are of a destroyed lightsaber.  That is a sad day!

This is a chalk drawing of someone getting cut in half with a lightsaber.

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