Monday, June 5, 2017

Tick Tock

Well, you know you are old in the mission when your old companions are counting how many days you have left for you. Thanks, I was thinking I would have to count them myself! (sarcasm)

Anyways this week has been really slow and its not just for us. Our entire zone seems to be under a famine of new investigators. It is getting really frustrating for all of us. We have been trying a lot of different tactics to find new investigators, but to no avail. This is where my extreme frustration comes in! Come on people don't you know that Elder R.K. Northrup is going home soon and you won't get to learn from me anymore? Man if that wasn't enough on top off that they are rejecting the only message that can bring them back to the Father. Human Race please open your eyes!! 

This week we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to Albert (which happened Monday) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He seems to really be learning and reading the book of Mormon with real intent which is exciting. However, he won't be getting baptized while I am in the mission because we weren't able to teach him the Word of Wisdom this week. Darn, total bummer! Oh well what's important is I truly believe he will get baptized in the future.

We have been trying to do more things to find new investigators like I talked about above. We decided to try setting up a booth with "Free Stuff" at our wards young woman's yard sale. Well we sat there ready to share with anyone who approached us! ................1 hour later no one approached us! What the crap! My disappointment towards the human race has heightened even more.

Lastly we talked to the old potential investigator named Joanne. She was really nice to us and asked a lot of good questions. The only problem is when we invited her to do something she would reply with "I will ask my pastor." 
Here is an example:
Will come to church? Joanna: "Let me ask my pastor. Okay?" Elder Northrups mind: (Stop having your pastor make your own choices!)
Ladies and gentleman this is someone who does not have REAL INTENT!
However, Elder Kofford set up a time for us to go back.

That was basically our week. It was long and annoying so I am praying that this next week will be better.

Elder R.K. Northrup

"Elder Northrup The Mighty" (per Elder Kofford)

(I got this hat from a member)... Photobombed!
"Don't look at me like that Eldar"

My silent rage/annoyed look.

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