Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let go of the NUT!

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Northrup.  (Pictures compliments of Brother T.K. Stokes)
Thanks for feeding him Yakisoba!

Zone Conference (birthday) Lunch

Man this week was super good!  We worked hard to visit less actives and potential investigators. People are so exhausting!

We were finally able to teach Kurt this week.... except it was totally stupid!  He decided that he wanted to go straight into deep doctrine and ask us why we believe we think we can be Gods when there is nothing about it in the Bible that says that.  Well because, Kurt, being a God would be awesome and this church only has awesome things!  Just kidding, that's not what we said, but we tried to quickly address his concern by trying to get him to understand that God wants us to become like him.  He was having none of it though, so we then decided to redirect the focus on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  We invited him to read and ponder the Book of Mormon.

Bible reference that says we will be Gods someday:  Psalms 82:6 (and many others).

On Saturday we had my last "Festival of Finding" day.  For the first part of it we went to Elk Plain with Elder Fullmer.  The first house we knocked on was this super annoying lady.  This is how the conversation went:

Lady:  You do not want to get into mormonism with me, I have already researched it.
Me:  Have you read the Book of Mormon?
Lady:  Nope, I refuse to read it!
Me:  Well then, you haven't researched it!
Lady:  Yes I have!
Me:  Nope! And you have a nice day.

Brothers and Sisters, the only way to receive a testimony and to continue the testimony you already have is by STUDYING the Book of Mormon.  Otherwise you will never come to know the truth or you will fall of the straight and narrow path.  Read your scriptures EVERYDAY!

The rest of the finding day was pretty slow from there.

On Sunday we had invited Albert to come to stake conference but he bailed at the last minute because he had to finish some paperwork from his job that had to be done!  Dang it again!

Stake Conference was so goo though.  It all evolved around missionary work.  Elder Dube' also spoke to us about this one time where a man wanted to catch a monkey.  He decided to put nuts in a box and put hole big enough for the monkey to slip it's hand through and grab one. However when the monkey tried to pull out his hand, having the nuts in his fist would kept him from being able to remove his hand from the box.  This made the capture of the monkey very easy!

Elder Dube' then exclaimed to the entire stake, while raising his fist into the air and pounding the podium, "LET GO OF THE NUT!"  He told us that our nuts in our lives are personal to us and it is up to us to let go of them before Satan captures us.  He then held up his phone and said, "This is a nut for some of you!  You need to get in, get what you need and get out!"

I love Elder Dube'.  He is one of my favorite General Authorities now.

That night we had my pre-day bday dinner at the Stutz home.  It was very good!  I love the Stutz family, they are awesome!  After dinner they then took us to the Federal Way Devotional, which was just as good as always.

On Monday we had a zone conference with Elder Dube'.  He taught so many good things.  I even got to practice teaching along side him.  It was an awesome experience to be with Elder Dube'.  He has a really great testimony and a wonderful personality.  I wish he could have actually come out with us, that would have been so cool!

That was our week.  Hope you feel my enjoyment of it!  I love the leaders of the church!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Only the 3rd time I cooked!

Sawyer Stutz on the left and Kylie one the right.  (we are teaching her, sorta.) We gave her a Book of Mormon.

I wish I could see what this frog looks like.

Yeah, we're cool!

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