Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Strange things are Happenen to us! Ain't no doubt about it!

Well we had a SMASHING week! Many things have happened and many in the favor of the work! Which is real good.

To start off we now have a new schedule designed for us to make our daily schedule more flexible as well as 2 more hours on Pday! Can I get a whoop whoop! Also we will only be reporting 4 indicators now instead of the orginial 9. It looks like that the ones that we report now are going to be the ones that truly help in the end and how we get those people into the church, as long as its through the Holy Ghost, no longer matters to the church. Which means we have more freedom to make choices in the work. This was all from the Missionary Broadcast this last week. (Insert Toy story song here, haha)

Also we have found a pretty awesome Russian guy! His name is Paul M. (M. because we didn't get his full last name) We have seen him in couple places this last week and have taught him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration! Then we saw and him again later and he pulled over from the street and told us that he read the pamphlet and we got his phone number. Hellen Keller Yeah! We are so excited to hopefully start working with him soon!

We were also able to teach Austin Brooks a small Restoration lesson and answer some of his questions. If you don't remember or I forgot to tell you he is the non-member that has been coming to seminary willie nillie! We are hoping to really start working with him and his family!

Other than that we worked hard, did some finding and some teaching, pounding the pavement, lifting weights and some other thangs! Well I love all of you! Keep doing the Lords work, because its the only work you will love completely!

Elder R.K. Northrup

(On a side note from MOM... This month the mission was able to attend the temple.  Elder Northrup went with three other zones.  Brother Devin Ramsey sent me some pictures of the missionaries in front of the temple and this message... "I saw your son today gave him a hug he's doing great. The missionaries I was with said that almost everyone wanted to be His companion because he's fun. He is definitely made a name for himself here." As for the pictures, were so many missionaries, it is hard to pick out faces. LUCKILY, Elder Northrup is always pulling something that makes him stand out from the crowd a bit, so I did find him.  Hopefully I will be getting some clearer pictures of this soon. About the temple he said,  "The Temple was great today, however, I don't think I will go to my last time through the temple before I go home because I would rather spend the time proselyting... we don't get to be missionaries forever.")

Notice CLEAR BLUE SKIES???  A Rare Miracle!

President Rasmussen can FLY!

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