Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Awesomely Lame Week

We are killing it here in Hylebos and when I say that I mean not at all.....at least not this week. 

We now have 10 investigators though thanks to the blessings of the Lord and have been trying to see them and set up appointments but no winners yet. There names are Sipu, Chase, Brennan, Cindy & Co., Jayveon, and Donna! Pray for all of them please!

This week we have been teaching a lot of members. We are doing this new stake mission plan implementation. President Keeney really wants our members in the stake to be more missionary minded!! It is a for step process....sadly I only remember the first one. Which is EXPECT we have been asking members what they think about when that word comes to mind. We have gotten so many different responses its pretty interesting! Then we have used D&C 100 and through the selected scriptures we have been able to challenge some of our members to seek and EXPECT missionary opportunities to come into there life and to act on them!
We did this with the Chubb's last night and they took very well. There daughter said that she wants to because there are people placed in our path everyday and it is our job to act on it! I was like Heck yeah it is! Love that family!

Well other than that we weren't able to do much teaching. However this coming week is going to be so savage! (Which means freakin' awesome if you didn't know) Well Love you all!!

Elder R.K. Northrup

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