Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Less Actives don't Stand a Chance

Well this week was pretty incredible! We were able to teach 6 less actives!

We have been working with a few of them right now. There names are the Jarvis's, Brother Treadwell, Brother Kilifi, and Sister La'a.

It was awesome to start building the friendships that we have with these people!

Brother Treadwell is super cool guy! He is half Filipino and half black! He is such a stud, he has been in the military for quite a while and is currently work for the officer program. Not exactly sure what his job is though.

Brother Kilifi is just a shy Samoan guy. Loves us coming to his house to bring the spirit. He is so solid! He is going to be an awesome asset to the ward once he gets completely active.

Sister La'a is on and off still not exactly sure what she is doing but she does have a calling is currently doing her best to fulfill it.

The Jarvis's are an interesting story we are currently trying to rekindle Brother Jarvis's testimony because he says he doesn't believe in the Gospel anymore. Please pray for that dude, he needs it!

Other than that we weren't able to teach any of our investigators and one ended up dropping which was ridiculous! But oh well.

I was also able to make a trip to the Dash Point ward on an exchange with Elder Hunter! He is an awesome missionary and friend! We were able to see a lot of the old members that I use to visit while I was there! All of them are still amazing, Love them tons!

Well, I love you all and you all have a great week!

Elder R.K. Northrup

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