Monday, December 5, 2016


Well this week has been super good. I am a little annoyed with the wet cold feeling right now, but that can't be helped.

Anyways, we were able to teach Ember twice this week. It was great!  We taught her the Book of Mormon (the first lesson) with Brother Clark and we challenged to read it everyday. She accepted and is currently reading it with her daughter as well. So Hooray!!!  We might be able to bring them both to the waters of baptism!

The second lesson we had was on Sunday, well we started running into some problems because we couldn't find anybody to come out with us........until like the last second we were able to recruit Thomas Perry to come with us. We were shouting for joy!!!! We had the lesson on the Plan of Salvation.  She ask a lot of questions and we answered them to the best we could and invited her to read the pamphlet that we gave her and asked her if she would come to church. She told us she would like to but, she works nights and doesn't even get home until around 7:30 in the morning. We did our best to tell her of the blessings associated with coming to church. However, we think it is going to be a lot easier when the times switch in January. We are currently working on inviting her to be baptized.  Pray for her and that invitation.

Other than that it has just been a week of us really working with the members. We had some council from Brother Angelo that maybe if we focused harder on the messages we give to members and custimize them to what they need.  We then might see more fruit in the future.

Well I love all of you, pray that we will be able to find more investigators!

Elder R.K. Northrup

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