Monday, December 12, 2016


This week has been totally bunk. We did work hard but we weren't able to get very many teaching appointments. 

We did teach a lot of members though and that was a blast, and kinda of weird. Let me tell you about the weird lesson we had. 

So we had dinner with a member family. The Brother is a complete Savage! He is super funny. I am not sure what to think of his wife though. Anyways we had dinner with them and I was eating dessert. Meanwhile, Elder Delp was teaching them about the Temples and how Bishop Odom has invited everyone in the ward to be a Temple going people. Well, we challenged them to do that. The sister then told us (and I quote) "I don't really like the Temple." At that moment I just about spit the ice cream in my mouth all over the table, I was so astonished!!! My eyes were as wide as they could possibly go! We quickly bust out the blessings associated with going to the Temple. We re-extended the invitation to go to the Temple a little more this year. He accepted and she told us she would considerate it!
Alrighty then!

Sadly we weren't able to meet with Ember because she has been busy working. We are praying and hoping we will be able to catch her next week.

We did get to teach Brother Irby. He is so awesome!  He basically just talks and teaches himself when we are over with him. I love listening to him because he is a great guy that just wants to have a good life.

I also did an exchange with the Dolloff Lake Elders. I went with Elder Jackson. He is a studdly missionary. Love him to death. We got along really great! I laughed basically the entire exchange, plus we were able to teach two Less Actives. It was awesome. What I learned from him though is I need to do a lot better when I am saying my prayers.  When Elder Jackson was praying, it was with so much faith that it felt like we were going to be teaching people the rest of the day and all we had to do was step outside. So I have made it a goal to work on my prayers.

I also was able to do my first baptismal interview. It was really cool.

I've been reading Mosiah and I just finished the record of the people of Zeniff and their are so many interesting teachings in those chapters. I challenge you all to read them. 

Well, I love you all and to all a good night!

Elder R.K. Northrup

P.S.  Today my Grandpa and Grandma Thayne went into the MTC.  We now have 5 missionaries serving right now in our family.

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