Monday, December 26, 2016

The Labyrinth in our area!

This week we have been doing so good in the "achievement" part of missionary work! We have been able to see a ton of blessings this week!

We helped the Durhams move out of their apartment this week. It was super chaotic. I am so glad we helped them because they were struggling to get out of there! They are an awesome family though. I wish them luck in St. George!

We got back in touch with our investigator, Ember. We were able to teach her a lesson in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.....kinda, she mostly went off and had questions about the Word of Wisdom. We decided to veer off of our planned lesson and answer her questions. She was really impressed with our code of health that we follow. She agrees with most of it, but we think she is kinda shady on the weed part of things. It was awesome to feel our words being placed in our mouths of what to say. Plus, on top of that, we had Bro. Jordan with us and he is an awesome teacher and really knows how to bear a powerful testimony! We invited her to baptism....and she... drummmmmm roooooollllllll please............................. rejected the invitation. So close! She told us that she wasn't ready for that commitment right now. Brother Jordan then layed down one of the most solid testimonies about baptism ever! He being a convert himself, was just amazing to feel as he bore that testimony. I know Ember felt something, we will just have to see if she acts on it!

We also completed our second Festival of finding!! It was a blast! We did it on Christmas Eve and did another 7 hours! We did awesome the first two hours and found a family in the Hylebos area! So freak yeah! Then we went and had lunch at L&L and then suddenly I had a raging bloody nose and spilt aids all over my chicken, so I guess I wanted my chicken raw!!? 

After lunch we went down to the 308th building so we could start our next shift. This time I went up to Star Lakes area with Elder Jackson. We start tracting and the first house we knocked yelled at us and said that we were Soliciting for our Church. So I replied with, "I do not think that word means what you think it means!" 

They closed the door in our faces. A bit later I suddenly had the grievous urge to use the toilet, so we hightailed it to the car and told the other Elders, that we need to go now! They got back to the car and we flew to the church and I bolted inside and made it just in time. We swapped again for the last shift. This time I went with Elder Greenfield, we tracted about 5 houses and then I got another bloody nose! So that was a great day! 

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were both awesome. Lots of love felt and awesome food. Loved seeing the family!  That is always fun!

Love you all and have a great new years!

Elder R.K. Northrup

(Note from Mom... I may or may not have gotten carried away with taking pictures of Elder Northrup while skyping!)

He was describing his woes about the Washington Weather.  (Not a fan of the rain.)

Famly Photo December 25, 2016

See you next time!

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