Monday, December 19, 2016

Hiding and Finding

This week has been pretty good in the fact that we are doing a lot better at teaching on the spot. This makes me really happy because then it will allow us to find more people and get new investigators!

We went to Chateau Rainier this week. It is just a apartment complex in the bottom most part of area, which means we have to drive a quite a few miles. I hate wasting miles! Anyways we got there and were going through the potentials we had down there, when a miracle happened! We knocked on this potentials door whose name was Remi, but suddenly the person transformed before our eyes into this lady name Nita! We taught her about prayer, prayed with her, and we got a return appointment! We totally were blessed with a new investigator!

We also did a thing that President Rasmussen has called the Frigid Fabulous Federal Way Festival of Finding. It was really good! We went finding/contacting/tracting from 10am to 5pm! My first shift I went with Elder Mortenson to Jovita Creek. We went finding and got 4 potentials for the Jovita Creek Elders! Afterward I went to Dash Point alongside Elder Jolley and we lived it up, but sadly didn't find anyone. Then my last shift I went with Elder Jones! He and I had some great adventures while we were together and Elder Jones was laughing the whole time. Low and behold we were able to find a new investigator for the Dolloff Lake Elders! It was a great success. The only downside was nobody was found for our area so that was a little disappointing. Oh well though, we just need to be patient!

Well that was the jest of our week. I love you all and know this church is true. Study and read the scriptures because they are what brings us to a knowledge of the truth.
See ya later!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Elder Jackson and I on exchanges last week.... Sorry, I look a bit... preoccupied!

Christmas Caroling with most of the district.  Top to bottom, left to right...
Elders Jackson, Mortensen, Delp and Northrup.  Hermanas Jorgensen and Yost

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