Monday, October 31, 2016

Everything is in--- SLOW MOTION!!!!

Well this area is still dry and well this is definitely a new test of my patience! 

Most of this week was a lot of really sad news with a few good things. Gloria basically dropped us.  The reason is Satan and his evil tools! Thanks for nothing! This week is probably going to be a pretty bland email. 

We did all we could to find people this week and we were able to get a few potentials. Their names are Mike and Isaiah please pray everyone that they will meet with us. We have really good feelings for both of them.

This week we also had our Halloween party and Elder Delp and I got to be judges for the Chili Cook off. That was super fun! The funny thing was when the 5 of us where judging we all agreed that a certain chili was super good but then everyone besides me decide that the one we agreed on should not be the winner! So that was an interesting decision in the end. 

On Saturday we were able to teach Bryer Jordan her last Recent Convert lesson and now she is home free! Plus, we also we found out that we are eating at the Jordan's on Thanksgiving. It is going to be superb. Why, because Bro. Jordan is an awesome cook! 

Sunday was good. I saw one of my old seminary teachers at the Mietus's house so that was kinda fun. We also got the sacrament which is always a delight! Ata wouldn't answer his door which is kinda upsetting. Keep praying for him.

Other than that not much else happened. Love all of you guys and pray for you daily.

Elder R.K. Northrup

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