Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Faster than a ROCK

Well we have finally made some headway. So I am going to say Hip-hip hooray!

This week has been pretty great. We were able to get our goal for Recent Converts/Less Active lessons. However the lame side of this is Tony decided to take a vacation with the family and not tell us. Totally had small panic thoughts were like, "You can't leave, we haven't helped you quite smoking yet." Oh well he will be back soon. 

On the other side of things. We have totally gotten to see Norah a couple times this week which was awesome because she was able to come back to church the other day. So heck to the yeah. The problem with her though is she just quit her job at the DI which was her only source of income and so we are now praying for a miracle. The other family that needs prayers are Nadia and David, so please bless them as well.

We were also able to go give this Less Active member in the hospital a blessing and that was an awesome experience. We got there and got to know her a little bit. She is actually in a different stake entirely. Which was kinda interesting. We were able to give her the blessing and wish her the best and then we left. I always have a good feeling of being able to exercise this sacred priesthood that God has given it us. It is such an honor to be able to hold it. 

This week we were having a pretty okay Saturday. Well we came to a point in the day where we couldn't think of anything else to do. We decided together that we should head down to Chateau Rainier and see if we could maybe catch Ata. We hadn't seen him in about a month and we were strongly trying to get a hold of him. When we got down there and knocked on their door, nobody answered......................for a long time. Then the door opened and we were welcomed in and got to chat with Ata and Vangy and Michael. We also read out of the book of Mormon, and invited Ata to read the second chapter of 1 Nephi. He totally accepted. We now have our investigator back which was super exciting.

Well that was all that happened that week. I love you all. Read the scriptures always.

Elder R.K. Northrup

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