Monday, November 7, 2016

Operation Antioch

My "Tag" in Hylebos Ward

Well I bet you are wondering why I have titled the email this way. Well, Elder Delp and I have been struggling just finding people to teach, so we came up with this operation. It is to go through every potential we have in our area book and annihilate the un-interested investigators. We are currently only doing this with this place called Park 16 because that place isn't the most promising when it comes to New investigators. We have been doing really well with this and have gotten some information for possible return appointment times. Which is freaking incredible so now we have the opportunity to start teaching people again.

We were also able to regain ties with our recent convert, Bro. Irby. He had been struggling the last couple months and was prompted by the spirit to call us. He told us that he had really faltered but that he wanted to come back and get started again. We taught him a ton about the blessings of the Atonement and he really understands the importance of Christ's Sacrifice for us and that these trials that we go through is a way to refine us and help us to become like Christ! He is awesome, we are going over today to teach him again!

An amazing blessing happened this week. We got a super solid referral from the Spanish Sisters! Her name is Ember Bailey and she seems so golden. The Sister's told us that they were tracting and she just let them in and they talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She even knew about the Angel Moroni! I was so jumping up and down like a crazy person!! We went and saw her yesterday and we have an appointment with her on Wednesday at 4PM. Everyone pray that she will remember and meet with us that day and at that time. Thanks!!

Also we have been doing a lot of walking. I have discovered that Elder Delp loves the rain! Which makes absolutely no sense at all. I honestly can't even fathom liking the rain!! So it was really weird to hear someone say as we were getting completely drenched that they love it when this happens. Which gave me the exact opportunity I needed for a face-palm!!

Anyways that was are week. We are very thankful for all of your prayers! Love you all!

Elder R.K. Northrup

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