Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Well this transfer is going to be a mystery for sure. I have no clue who my new comp is and I am hoping he is pretty easy going because I can't handle people who aren't easy going. His name is Elder Perkins.

This week has been really slow definitely not much at all has happened, sorry. We did get Ruben back on date. He said he would be baptized a day after his b-day. We got to have dinner with him last night and it was awesome. Phillippino food is incredible so you should go try it. Seriously!

The Alex (8) is doing well we are really happy with his progression.

Alex (30) is...well it is a big predicament with him and his family and a bunch of other things so please just keep praying for them.

We've also had some people drop us this week...which is definitely difficult.

We are seeing Andreas today. We are going to be teaching him about Repentance and invite him to get his parents permission to come to church.

Sister Goodwin just got a calling as a Sunday School teacher which is super aweome.

We just lost our car which stinks. It is going to be very sad having to bike everywhere.   

I am not sure what else to write to you guys. I am super stressed now. However, the gospel can bless us and that is what I am going to try and keep teaching. Have a good one this week sorry for such a short email.

Elder R.K. Northrup

Ruben, his friends, Elder Mitton and Me.

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