Monday, June 20, 2016

Finders Keepers

My Tag in Garrison Creek area.

Wow this week has honestly been super good. However, I will probably never rides bikes after my mission because of this area. On the bright side my legs might look like tree trunks when you see them in about a year. I really like my new companion. We don't really have anything in common but that is ok.  He still makes me laugh and that is pretty good. He is from St. George and he is convert to the church of about 2 years. He is the only member in his family. He is super awesome. His name is Elder Perkins.

This week has definitely been a big finding week. We are really trying hard to find more new investigators and potentials. It has definitely been a blessing as we have made an effort to find people.

This week has been really great. We have been really making an emphasis on teaching the importance of families and that has allowed us to teach more people and lessons. We also just recently got a new investigator, named Elisa, because of it. We are hoping/praying that we will be able to teach her entire family. 

We were also able to find this other guy named Ryan. He was working out when we caught him. He seems pretty legit. We gave him a Restoration pamphlet to read and pray about he told us he would. Pray for him...always!

We also picked a name out of the potentials section of our area book. Her name is Tanisha. She seems so far uncorrupted by the falsehoods that people say about the LDS church. We look forward to teaching her. I'm definitely more of a farmer in this area rather than a harvester. We have been planting tons of seeds everywhere we go. It is absolutely superb! 

Oh and we went to the Ramsey's the other night.  They had coleslaw and it was amazing. I super love coleslaw. We also talked about some of our investigators as well. Then we made some plans to contact some of our investigators this week. Afterward they gave me the rest of the coleslaw!!! It was awesome. 

Oh... and this week on Bike Problems. The first day we went and hit the bikes Elder Perkins peddle was stripped off and so he had to purchase a new one. Then the other day his new peddle broke clean off. Now he peddles with this small medal bar. Then we were making our way to Ruben's house for an appointment. We were riding away from the church with a soda in my hand and I jumped off the curb.  Well the chain fell off and soda went all over me. When we arrived at Ruben's house I smelt of Lemon-Lime soda. The lesson at Ruben's was pretty good. We taught him about the ten commandments and the amazing thing was during the lesson, we were able to find the Book of Mormon in his native language. Wahoo score! He seems to understand that language a lot better. Oh... also we were able to bring Bro. Ed and Sister Willmore to that lesson with us. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the lesson because of the funny things that Ruben says when he meets new people.

That was my week, pretty dang exciting huh.
Love you all!

Elder R.K. Northrup

​Elder Mitton and I. I am pushing him into a dragons open mouth

My new comp... Elder Perkins

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