Monday, February 22, 2016

Referral's are strong in this Branch

This week has been incredible! It has been amazing to feel and hear the blessing of the gift of tongues. I have been really excited about how much I have learned since I arrived. The Korean Branch is such a great learning experience for me. Elder Jeong has taught so much on language and Korean traditions. It has really just made a difference since we are both learning a language, we kinda understand where each other is coming from when we are teaching each other about our foreign languages and cultures.

First off, we got a new car! It is flippin' awesome. It is a 2016 Toyota Corrola. I love the way it looks and how smooth it drives. Overall a pretty nice car. 

We went to Seattle again on Saturday.  We ate at every members house because that what Koreans... do they just feed you.....even if your full, and it is disrespectful if you don't eat . That is why Elder Ha, (an Elder who had served in the Korean Branch previously) said and I  quote, "If your full, eat it. If your full, eat it. If your full, Just Eat it." Which is definitely why I am getting so tongtong which means chubby in Korean. Anyways what I was going to tell you guys is we ate at a Korean Restaurant with one of our members. Gross! They cut apart a dead Octopus right in front of my face, I was just frozen with whatever I was feeling in that moment. I would not eat that soup. It was okay though, because luckily I had ordered a different Korean dish because otherwise I would not of been able to keep up my chubbiness.

We got to speak in church this week. Elder Jeong didn't prepare anything and just winged it. Which is basically the life of a missionary. Meaning his talk in church was super good. He talked about how when he was younger he didn't know what church he should go too. Even though he was being raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he wasn't sure if it was the place for him. Eventually, after he had attended the other churches in South Korea, his conclusion was that those churches didn't have any spirit feeling. As Elder Jeong would put it.

We have been praying for our district that the people that they have committed for baptism will stay on track. The amazing thing is, as we have been working hard, praying for others in our zone we have been blessed with so many referrals. Just the other day we received a call from a non-member who wanted to learn English and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His name is Brother Five-star. We taught him at our church building and we committed him to baptism. He rejected but he told us that he would get baptized if his English becomes as good as mine. Which is kinda lame reason to get baptized especially because his English is already super good. I definitely have no idea what I am going to teach him.

We also, as you probably already know, met another referral. Her name is Yensoon we helped her with an interview at DI today. She is really awesome, and we will be setting up an appointment for next week. It is going to be great. I have faith that through the power of the spirit she will repent and be baptized. 

Anyways, this week I have learned that the power of prayer coupled with effort gains results. The results that we receive are blessings from God. I know that through continued charity for others, prayer, and action will bring more Korean people to repentance and baptism into the Korean Branch, and more people in general. It is God's promise.
I love you all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

Elder Jeong and I. As you can tell I am more round then the last time you saw me.

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