Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Never a Dull Moment

​The Cha family along with Brother Weisemiller
Well, this week has been good and frustrating and so funny. 

We were able to go on exchanges this week with the Spanish Elders. It was a blast. I had the privilege to go on the exchange with Elder Richards. He is kinda having a tough time just because his new companion is kinda rude to him. Even to the point that he told Elder Richards that his Spanish sucks. Which I thought was kind of lame of him. Anyways the exchange went great. Elder Richards is a nerd on Star Wars like many of my good friends. Which means he is apart of the true and everlasting fans of the correct sci-fi movie. On more important matters, we were able to teach two law of chastity lessons, and testify of how great it is to have a patriarchal blessing. I learned from Elder Richards on that exchange to be bold and to testify. I also learned that Elder Richards has an amazing testimony.

On Saturday for morning workout, we went and played Jokgu.  It is basically tennis and soccer put together to make a sport.  It is pretty fun and interesting.  I am not very good at it though.

Later in the day, we headed to Bellevue/Seattle. That place is pretty cool but I extremely hate the traffic that is in that city. It is the worst. I knew there was a reason we lived in Utah and the traffic is definitely one of those reasons. Anyways we went up to Seattle to teach one of our recent converts English. His English is already pretty good but we are now just fine tuning his skills. He is such a good guy. He is turning in his papers this July. His name is Brother Jeon. He is going to be an awesome missionary. 

We also got to eat for free in Seattle at this Thai restaurant that one of our branch members owns. They are super awesome, especially because we got to eat for free.  After eating we went and gave a spiritual thought to our Branch President, President Kong. He is super awesome and he is a fluent English speaker. Plus, he studied at BYU so that is a definite bonus. We shared the scripture in Alma 32:39 and I related to how people that go to other churches may have spiritual experiences there in that moment, but in the long run those experience are going to become barren and non-existent. Which is one of the reasons that our church is set apart from all of the churches. We have the gift of having the spirit with us always and we are able to feel that spirit in every situation that is a good situation.

Now for a funny story about my companion. One of the nights we were planning, he got up and ran to the bathroom and then I just see him a couple seconds later with his shorts over his front and him telling me that he pooped his pants. I was just dying at that point. I was rolling on the ground. It is definitely never a dull moment with my companion Elder Jeong. I love him tons.

Oh and by the way my Korean is really coming along. A lot of the members have told me that my pronunciation is super good. Then they ask me if I have ever lived or been to Korea before because of how good it is. Well, all of the credit goes to God for blessing me with the Gift of Tongues and to those of whom are praying for me to have that Gift. Thank you.

Have an awesome week.

Elder R. K. Northrup

Blue milk from Star Wars

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