Tuesday, December 15, 2015

False Gold, Satans Caveman, and Ripped pants

Bishop and Sister Dickson and two other guys

Well this week has been an experience!

It all started on the day we had exchanges with the Korean Branch. I stayed in Dash Point while Elder Polson went to the Korean Branch. We start off the day going to the street that me and Elder Kim were going to go contacting/tracting on. We arrived and started our trek down the street. We get a couple houses in when some events started slide our way. We start walking up this driveway to the front door. In between the door and us was this deck. I took my first step on it and discovered that it was pretty slick. I wrote that down in my mind for a mental note later. We make it the rest of the way to the door and start knocking. Nobody answered. We knocked again still no answer. At this point we decided to start heading to the next house. Well, as we turn to leave I was about to tell Elder Kim to be careful, when took a step down the wooden deck.  As soon as his foot touched the wood, his whole body decided that it had a different plan for him, and he collapsed to the ground. In doing so, it caused one of his feet to launch out from under him and kick this pot (that was on the deck) into some rocks and it broke. At that point, I could not hold myself together and started laughing so hard. (I am so mean!) We decided to go back later and tell the person living there what had happened. I was, you guessed it, still laughing at the whole thing. That was the first event.

Later in the night event #2 happened. We were going around helping the ward find out if there were any new move ins actually live where they say they live. Our first house we encounter has a sign on their door saying, "No religious queries." Gosh dang it people! After that house we started driving over to the next one. We got there and had a bit of trouble finding the house because at night everyone in Washington has sensor lights that turn on everytime someone walks by them, which means you get blinded for about 3 second, times however many lights you have. Eventually we found the house and we knocked on it. Well what happened next was totally lame. A lady decided that the proper apparel to answer the door in is with small towel on. I just whispered to Elder Kim the words, "Oh dear."  We hurried and asked her if she was the new move in and got out of there. Elder Kim just exclaims after that experience, "Thank you Bathsheba! That was totally the experience we needed tonight." 

After these experiences we went home for the night and slept.

Day 2 of the exchanges we went to the D.I. with the Silver Lake Elders who also happened to be on exchanges. About 2 hours later we finished our assistance at the D.I. and left for our apartments with the Silver Lake Elders. On our way back Elder Larsen told us about how Elder Snook had been seeing a Demon or Satan's Caveman in their closet and that weird stuff had been happening at in there apartment. We went to there apartment and Elder Kim and I felt like we had done something wrong when obviously we hadn't. So we decided to have them come to our apartment and Elder Larsen was a bit shaken up about the whole thing so we gave him a blessing. That blessing was just amazing. I anointed and Elder Tima blessed him. Ever since that day the Silver Lake apartment has been filled with the spirit!

Well now for the ripped pants story. First off I am just going to tell you guys that I felt like Spongebob the whole time during this event. We were doing service for a part member family and I was moving these massive logs. (Obviously I was doing it like I was Dwarf or He-man or something because I am a nerd!) Anyways when I bent over to pick up my 4th or 5th log. My muscles decided that I was too He-man to keep my pants together. Well as you can assume I just had to laugh at this whole thing and kept saying what Spongebob would say, "and its all because I ripped my pants."  

The down side of this week was that we were dropped by 2 investigators one of them being what I thought was our Golden Nugget, which apparently was actually False Gold.

On Sunday though, we taught Sister Calder's daughter and we were able to commit her to baptism.

Love ya all!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Oh and I am staying in Dash Point and my new comp is Elder Moon from Farmington, UT. (Who is Elder Polson's cousin!)  Elder Polson is going back to Graham.

 A couple more pictures from the Nativity Christmas event.  This is Ricardo (recent convert) and his wife Gabriella with Elder Polson and me.

 We did a Grinch Nativity play for our ward Christmas party.
 Us with the Jolly guy at the ward party.
 The Fields family made us Sunday dinner.  "Hand Meat Loaf" and "Kitty Litter Cake".  All of it tasted much better than it looked, very delicious!

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