Monday, December 21, 2015

Transfers and other super cool stuff you wouldn't understand

Well obviously transfers happened this week. I am staying in Dash Point as most of you probably already know. My new Companion is Elder Moon, he is actually from Kaysville, UT. Just like half of my previous companions. Anyways he is super cool, and does not live under a rock. He is a nerd and we talk about Star Wars, Yu-gi-oh, Skyrim, and a bunch of other cool stuff you wouldn't understand.

I heard Star Wars was pretty good so don't blow it for me! If you do then will unleash my power in the force.

On a more serious note. This week has been kinda lame. We have tried to set up lessons with basically all of our investigators and then right when we do. Guess what? Satan goes and says "time to cancel on the missionaries!" Which is just my most favorite thing ever. (Click,Click) That last part is an inside joke.

However on the flip side of things we are really working hard to have a bigger teaching pool. We haven't gotten anybody yet but we are really trying. We placed a Book of Mormon, with this Hispanic guy named Danny. (I know what some of you are thinking and it's not Danny Bailey.) He agreed to read it and pray about what he read to know if it is true. Pray for him!

Yesterday, (Sunday) we had a Recent Convert lesson with Ricardo. We taught the Restoration and without fail the spirit was brought into the room. We finished teaching him. He asked if he could share a story with us about what had happened earlier that day. He told us that he was driving back from Seattle and his tire blew out and he had to pull over. Since everyone is human, he was asking why this was happening to him. Right then a police officer came up to him. Ricardo was in dread and thought "great now what's wrong?" When the officer reached him, he asked Ricardo if he had a car jack which he didn't so he had Ricardo go to a car store and buy one, and he told him to leave his cars panic lights on. He did and rode his skateboard to where he could buy a car jack bought one and skated back to his car. When he had gotten to his car the lights were off. Meaning utter distruction in the eyes of Ricardo. Right about then he said a bit of a pray in his heart that he could figure this out and a few minutes later a guy pulled up behind him and asked if he need any assistance. Ricardo was just so happy. That guy helped him change his tire and gave him a jump for his car. He thanked the man and then thanked God for answering his prayer. It was such an amazing experience to see that Ricardo is already recognizing miracles from God.

After that story we chatted with Ricardo and Gabriella. When Gabriella asked us if we had been born in the church. I answer yes....and then said, "Well actually, I was born in a hospital, to be exact."  Everyone got a good kick out of that reply.

Well guys see ya next week and remember the Church is true.

Elder R.K. Northrup

 My new companion, Elder Moon.

Some old pictures before Elder Polson was transferred.

 Invisible Elder Polson!
He reappeared!

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