Monday, October 26, 2015

Elder Lawrence of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy

Well this week Elder Lawrence of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy came with his wife and addressed our entire mission. His Wife gave an awesome talk on how missionaries are gathering the tribes of Israel as we speak, which I thought was just so incredible! We learned of how Patriarchs are starting give blessings to new members from the lost tribes. Then Elder Lawrence talked to us about our mission's goal for the month of November and ways we can start accomplishing it. Our goal is to have 40 Baptisms in the month of November. We have been starting to ask everyone we come in contact with to pray for us to complete our goal. If you guys could pray for that, that would be awesome. I know we can complete this goal and we are going to have a great time doing it. He also asked every missionary to sacrifice something. I am going to be kinder to the people I am in contact with. I think this will be a great goal. I also strongly believe that our mission will accomplish it.

On Sunday we obviously had church. We partook of the Sacrament and listen to the primary kids do their Primary Program it was pretty awesome to see little kids sing again. Afterward we went to Gospel Essentials class. Bro Crawford teaches the class and he is amazing at it. He gets everyone involved so well that it just makes the time in that class fly by! We talked yesterday about the Definition of a prophet. Which is "A prophet is called by God as his representative on earth."  We then talked about all of the talks that President Monson has given this year at both General Conferences. We talk a lot about his talk that he did about light. 

After church we went and ate dinner at Bishop Dickson's house. His wife looks like the human form of Elsa from Frozen. We talked a lot and they are total nerds! They've watched all of the movies I have seen, plus during dinner Sister Dickson quoted Star Wars. It was great! Elder Polson says that we were weird. I am pretty sure he was completely lost during that whole entire conversation. 

Anyways we will be teaching Ricardo and Pora this week and hopefully be baptizing Ricardo on Saturday.  Pray for them both right now! Ricardo is so prepared and Pora just needs to not cancel lessons.

Well the Church is true....always.

Elder R. K. Northrup

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