Monday, October 12, 2015

The Rains came down and the MUD came up!

Here's the Puget Sound night life!

Well this has been a week full of Flabby Divs! (Only my friends will understand that!)

To start it all off... This week we had Elder Partridge going on exchanges with us. He is being trained by the Zone Leaders. He is super cool and we laughed super hard the whole time us three were together. All three of us went taught this guy named Ted, who if I haven't already told you, starts his prays off with "Grandfather...." I am really not sure how to tell him how he really needs to pray because other people have already tried to teach him the proper way of praying. Afterward we went and did some finding, but didn't find many people... which means zero. Which is good because it only means we can improve.

Later on this week, specifically Saturday, was extremely eventful. We started out going to Ted's house, but when we arrived it was pouring down rain and Elder Polson had forgot his rain coat at the apartment.  He didn't want to get in the rain. Since he was driver he decided to just sit in the car and listen to talks. Eventually we set off again and this time we headed to the housing development called the Fairways. When we arrived we found this massive mud filled puddle covering a big part of the street. It was starting to get so big that is was running down into people's apartments in the Fairways. (I have a clip of it but you might have to wait two years before you can see it.) We later found out that these massive puddles were every which way and so obviously we went through them so water would fly up on all sides. We decide then to head to Sister Partel's neighborhood and go contacting. Eventually we stopped by her house.  She is also a less active so we invited her to church. Afterward we went back to the Fairways to go see if Lot and V were home. Only Lot was and so we read the Book of Mormon with him. We are trying to get both of them to lesson together so they can both be converted into the gospel at the same time, however, it hasn't worked like that yet.  When we finished reading a chapter we headed back out and ended up running into the Sutton (Jr.). They were moving someone into there apartment. I think it was a relative. We of course helped them. They kindly bought us pizza and we talked them.  They are both so funny! We later did a member inspire with the Gardner's and how General Conference is a great tool for member missionaries and how they can implement it into their efforts.

Well guys, the Church is true and you cannot deny. Make sure you strengthen your testimony of that each day. There will be a day when that will be tried and you will need it to be strong enough to keep you on the path without any hesitation! Keep the Faith!

Ponderization scripture this week:

Alma 7:23-24

Elder R.K. Northrup

(Not part of his letter, but pretty funny!)  Last week he talked about the possibility of getting evicted.  The email I sent to him asked him if everything worked out okay with his apartment.  This was his reply.

Well we had to sleep in our car the first night because it was bedtime when they kicked us out. In the morning we went to our District Leader who is Elder Ha who is serving in the Korean Branch and we are now staying there now.

Just Kidding

(Little stinker!)        

               Zone Conference October 6, 2015

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