Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Capsaicin! IS NO GOOD!

I received this picture via text that said, "Good Evening Sister Polson, Kenn Lindh from the Dash Point Ward here.  Just wanted to share a picture of the young lads who graced our home this eve.  Would you be so kind as to forward it to Sister Northrup as well?"  How fun is it to have this capability in today's world?  LOVE!

Well this has been a pretty interesting week, however I forgot my journal so it probably won't be as detailed as I hoped it would be.

The events started to roll in around Tuesday morning-ish because the night before we switched companions for the day. I went with Elder Ha to Korean Branch and Elder Kim went to Dash Point with Elder Polson. In morning we did all of our usual morning stuff, except this time I had to teach Elder Ha English. That was a really weird experience. He asked me why people don't understand him when he speaks English to them. I told him that it was probably his Korean accent that throws people off. We went off on accents for quite a while. Afterward we went to district meeting. Nothing too exciting happened there until the Korean Branch Elders stood up to ask the District how they can help the missionary work progress better when their Ward Mission Leader doesn't believe Joseph Smith was a Prophet. I was so confused on how that guy even got baptized then? We still aren't sure on how to help them with that. (If you have any ideas please let us know.) 

After District meeting we drove to a members house for Lunch. Let me tell you something....Korean food is amazing, except for the Octopus, that has a really weird texture to it. Other then that the meal was delicious.

When the meal was finished we went over to the Bank of America, because Elder Ha needed to do some translating for a Korean guy whose English wasn't very good. I just stood their and explained anything that Elder Ha didn't understand so that he could translate it.

About an hour later we went back to the apartment....now for some back story. Before we went on exchanges Elder Ha made me promise to try Capsaicin. (DON'T EVER TRY Capsaicin)  ...I promised to try 3 drops of Capsaicin. He made some tatter tots, so that I could put the Capsaicin on it. I dripped 3 drops onto one of the tatter tots and placed it in my mouth. My thoughts at this point were "This isn't that bad, why was everyone complaining about it" then a second went by and my eyes got very wide as an incredible burning sensation was spreading throughout my entire mouth. I was shouting milk but when I opened my mouth it made it even worse. Meanwhile, Elder Ha is recording this whole thing, filming me as spilled milk all over myself. After 3 quarters of a gallon of milk and my mouth started to stop hating me, we went back out to proselyte. At 8:30 we re-exchanged.

A couple of days later we went and taught a homosexual couple. Well the only thing your mind pulls up during that entire situation are the words, "This is so Awkward!" Plus, I felt super sorry for there children because they will never know what real family is supposed to be like. Anyways we got into a discussion about Demons because their daughter asked if they were real. She related a story about how she was at her friends house who was telling her that the only way to keep the Demons away is to let her come over and pray over her house.  She said that right as her friend said that the dog outside started barking at the top of its lungs. RED LIGHT! There are two things wrong with this situation. One: The one doing the blessing is a girl. Two: That person does not have the priesthood. I just told her that our church does believe in the followers of Satan but its more like a worldly Demons than actual beasts. A bit later we left and went home. 

Well I love all of you guys, keep being faithful in the church and pray always.

Elder R. K. Northrup
Eating at Panda with Brother Link.  He works there so we get a missionary discount!

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