Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Ok, so I will start at my last day at the MTC. Nothing really happened until about 6:00 pm.  We did a whole district role play with Bro. McClain. He played a guy named Matt from his mission. We went in to teach but a couple minutes after we started he made us leave because we weren't unified. We left and made a gameplan of what we were going to do and what we were going to follow teaching him. After that we all started studying the scriptures personally just to bring the spirit and maybe for some revelation. After a bit one of the missionaries was asked by Bro. McClain to come meet with him. He was meeting with him for quite a while. That's when Bro. McClain came out and had me come into another room. He told me that this Elder was having a hard time and that he wanted a blessing and he wanted me to be apart of it. We went to the room he was in and we placed our hands upon his head.   Bro. McClain offered up a prayer the spirit in that room at that time was bursting like a stream, I was truly grateful for that opportunity to help my friend. Afterward we went back in with the rest of the Elders (which is 7 of us) and started to teach "Matt" a lesson on the restoration.  We taught him how to pray to Heavenly Father and that that is how he can be helped with finding to know if our church is true. I led the whole lesson and everyone of us put in our parts to make the experience so spiritual it was amazing. It was a double miracle.

Well we flew to the Seattle Airport and I was able to ride with President Eaton. (Huzzah) He taught me a ton in just a short time in the car. We ate lunch at his house and then his AP taught us a lot about street contacting, which is gonna be the hardest thing to pick up.

We then went to the stake center and got our trainers. My trainer is Elder Clauson who lives in Highland, UT not too far from us. When I heard that I was just like "wow, that is amazing!"  Well my area right now is called Orting. We have an amazing view of Mt. Rainier. It is pretty much in our backyard.

Well thats all I have.  Now the church is true so don't go astray!

Elder R.K. Northrup

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